2010-08-12 / Letters to the Editor

POW camps inspired local novelist

As Geoff Campbell started out his recent outstanding article about the local POW camps, it is indeed the stuff of novels. I wrote Mystic Island, a contemporary Jamestown novel centered around a fictional letter from FDR to Hitler, buried in the old Ft. Getty ruins.

The novel was published and released by Hilliard & Harris in 2005, and is still available at the Conanicut Marina store, Rhode Island libraries or any bookseller.

During the writing, I consulted Walter Schroder for his expertise and here’s what he had to say about it:

“Mr. Whitford has skillfully blended verifiable factual information with highly plausable fictional characters. Mystic Island is a great credit to the author, who was able to bring his fictional personalities to life, a challenge to the reader to sort out the true facts in the case.”

– Walter K. Schroder, author of “Stars and Swastikas and Defenses of Narragansett Bay.”
Jan Evan Whitford

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