2010-08-12 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to all for successful book sale

Booksale 2010 at the Jamestown library was a huge success. Many thanks to the generous people of Jamestown, who throughout the year donate books and media to share with others while generating some extra funds for the library coffers. We had more books than we could handle, so look for some mini book sales in the coming months.

Thanks to our many volunteers for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the library. Thanks to Dee Hellewell, Diana Luth and Holly Turton, who work all year long organizing the thousands of books, videos, audios and DVDs generously donated by all of you. Special thanks to McQuade’s Market for their donation of plastic grocery bags.

Thanks to Lew Kitts and the Jamestown School for lending the 11 extra tables to keep the books off the floor, and a special thanks to our hard-working Boy Scouts: Jacob Maguire, John Waddington, Zachary J. Neronha, Josh Neronha, Elliot Italiano, Ian Archibald, Eric Archibald, Truman Christie, Josh Noland and James Perry, as well as their leader, Andria Morenzi. As always, the Scouts did a great job of hauling all that stuff up 17 steep steps from the basement to the meeting hall.

Set-up, organizing, cashier duty and clean-up was generously donated by the following people: Judy Smith, Cindy Smith, Bev Rudman, Delia Klingbeil, Kitty Wineberg, Sara Bobola, Holly Bobola, Faith Chadwick, Paula Florentino, Susan Kurz, Delancy Converse and her daughter Delancy, Carol Buglio, Julia Montminy, Rosemary Woodside, Eleanor Gravdahl, Liz Brian, Trish Van Cleef, Rosemary Enright, Michael Loo, Heidi Keller Moon and Eleanor Hanson.

Also, I would like to thank librarians Deb Homer, Lisa Sheley, Cindy Smith and Peggy, who lives at Ft. Getty in the summer, for their help with cleaning up.

Forgive me if I have left anyone out. Because we are so fortunate to have so many volunteers, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all of them and their contributions.

We hope everyone who came to the sale found something of value.
Judy Bell
Jamestown Philomenian

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