2010-08-12 / Letters to the Editor

Time to help a caring friend

I can recall the first time I walked through the door at Dr. R.B. Trivett’s office in North Kingstown for a meeting with the doctor before I gave birth to my first child in 1994. The building was old, and did not have any of the amenities I had seen at the large pediatric practices I had already visited. Once I met Dr. Trivett and his staff, I immediately chose him as our doctor, and have never regretted that choice.

His bedside manner with the children, his willingness to answer any questions my husband or I had in great detail, and his reassuring voice in the middle of the night when I called due to a sick child more than compensated for the lack of bells and whistles in the office environment.

He and his wife, Christi, worked hard to raise their own large family of eight children. We just received a letter notifying us that Dr. Trivett is seriously ill, and is in need of help himself.

Dr. Trivett was diagnosed in October, 2008 with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a debilitating lung disease. There is no cure, and this disease kills more people per year than breast cancer. Dr. Trivett’s only hope is to have a lung transplant, and he is currently on a waiting list at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

His friends and family are organizing a fundraiser to help defray the enormous costs of staying in Cleveland for the operation, recovery and rehabilitation, which could be anywhere from three months to one year, and to help maintain the family home here in Rhode Island, as both Dr. Trivett and his wife Christi will be unable to work during this time period. The fundraiser will be held Sunday, Aug. 15, from noon to 5 p.m. at the Junction Trattoria and Bistro on Ten Rod Road in North Kingstown. Tickets are $10 per person, and children under 12 are admitted free. For tickets, contact Jacque at 954-7323 or at Lung4RB@ yahoo.com.

If you are able to donate anything for the raffle table at the event, such as gift certificates, gift baskets, tickets for the theater, concerts, or sporting events, use of a vacation property, or anything that you can think of to help raise as much money as possible to support this wonderful man who has devoted his life to caring for and easing the pain and suffering of others, please contact me at 423-0436 or ischlepri@aol.com.

He continues to devote his life to that mission, even in his current condition, as a physician at St. Joseph Pediatric Clinic in Providence. Let us all join together to help this caring man and his family in their time of need, as he has done countless times for our family and so many others. It is our chance to be that calm, reassuring voice in the middle of the night.
Laura Vetter

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