2010-08-19 / Letters to the Editor

More than ‘disgusted’ at council’s behavior

I am more than “shocked and disgusted.” I am outraged that four guys on the Town Council would publicly humiliate Ellen Winsor, the lone female!

Why? Is it because she’s a female? Is it because she is not a member of their political party? Are they jealous of her hard work? Do they resent the publicity she has generated?

What did Ellen Winsor do to have her fellow councilors “censure” (to blame, criticize severely) her?

Why did they send 140 so-called “advisories” to city and town councilors, representatives and senators, the congressional delegation, the attorney general, area newspapers – and maybe to St. Peter, himself?

So what did she do? John Shannon’s “viewpoint” described her actions in detail. In August 2010, long before she was a Town Council member, Ellen – concerned about the possibility of LNG tankers in the Bay – pulled together a “LNG Working Group” consisting of talented experts in several fields to prepare a resolution outlining the dangers presented by such tankers. Their plan was to ask other communities to sign the resolution, which would then be sent to FERC, the federal department that rules on energy safety issues.

Members of the LNG Working Group, including Ellen, visited councils and non-profits in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, explaining the resolution and asking them to sign.

Ellen clearly explained that she was speaking for the LNG Working Group, and yes, she was a Jamestown Town Council member.

The Jamestown Town Council, however, refused to sign the resolution. Bob Bowen wanted to establish Jamestown’s very own LNG Threat Committee to reinvent the wheel, to ponder, to invite other councils to breakfast for $5,000 of our taxpayer money. To hear speeches, and to talk, talk, talk.

They may find they are too late. FERC will have already made a determination.

What is it all about? Self-aggrandizement.
Phil Willis

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