2010-08-19 / Letters to the Editor

What about ‘wind spires’?

I read with continuing interest, the article in the Aug. 12 issue of the Press, “Turbine questions await answers,” regarding the “updated picture of the potential impacts on the town,” of the proposed wind turbine project.

The third paragraph begins: “The most obvious impact of the turbine will be visual . . .” and goes on to describe the larger windmill that “the town would now build,” a succinct and realistic encapsulation of the crux of the debate.

Yet, in the following paragraphs, no further reference to this issue is to be found. The debate appears to be essentially about the various, intricate and complex means of financing the project, in great detail.

This seems to confirm that, despite the “most obvious” problem of the visual aspect, the decision has been made to erect yet another giant pinwheel—of the type increasingly gyrating above previously serene landscapes around the state—with no real consideration having been given to alternative and, some would say, more appropriate wind turbine designs.

It would seem that this is one of the more important questions awaiting an answer. I think the town, and its citizens, would be well served if the debate were reopened to consideration of these alternatives to the giant pinwheel—including various types of vertical “wind spires.” I would hope the advisors to this important project would consider doing so before it is too late.

This isn’t rocket science by the way. Anyone an check out the possibilities on the internet at such sites as windspireenergy.com, or urbangreenenergy.com and similar sites that display various designs that would offer the possibility of much less intrusive visual impact which would blend in nicely with the other symbol of wind power associated with our lovely island environment—the tall and graceful masts of sailboats on the bay and in our harbors.
Joe Vecchione

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