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This week in Island history

Week of August 26
Compiled by Sue Maden

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago From the Newport Journal, Aug. 27, 1910

The Jamestown Golf and Country Club had a great time at its country fair Thursday. The pleasant grounds were filled by summer visitors, there were all sorts of booths, such as one expects to see at fairs, and there was more than a taste of rusticity about the decorations.

Sunday was the banner day for automobiles and team travel between Newport and Saunderstown. An accurate account was kept between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. of those crossing the island. There were 410 automobiles and 293 teams during that time.

A large number of people visited the Dumpling hills to witness the sailing of the battleship fleet Monday afternoon. That location afforded an excellent view, as the vessels could be seen from the time they got underway until out on the ocean.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 21, 1935

(At a special meeting of the Board of Trade) Captain L.A. Kaiser read a communication from Mr. Kerr of the (Torpedo) Station, who said that about 700 men were to be employed at the Station and the housing of these men is the problem of Jamestown and surrounding towns. …Numerous complaints from the residents of Shoreby Hill regarding mosquitoes were heard, and it was voted to confer with the town council, regarding state aid for the extermination of this pest. A box for the reception of complaints of the community was instituted, and all complaints must be signed in order to receive the consideration of the Board of Trade.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 24, 1960

The Rhode Island Referendum Committee was organized here yesterday to insure support of the $20,000,000 bond issue proposal on the November ballot for the Newport Bay Bridge.

Jamestown’s school year will open Wednesday, Sept. 7, with what looks like a record high enrollment of elementary pupils. As of yesterday, 402 had been registered, which is about 20 more than were signed up by this date a year ago.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 27, 1985

Confused by the extent of mandatory controls regarding a new state dog control ordinance, the Town Council Monday asked the town solicitor to determine “what options the town has.” The law mandates all communities to set up animal control ordinances, which include state-set fines for the pick up of stray, unlicensed dogs.

From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 29, 1985

Persistent town complaints about state septic system regulations bore fruit Wednesday when state officials said they may change the rules. About 36 residents, most from the Jamestown Shores area, attended the open meeting between state Dept. of Environmental Management and town officials to discuss septic system problems. (The town claimed that determining the size of septic systems by number of bedrooms in the home was “unworkable.”)

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, Aug. 24, 1995

With the municipal well now operable and an emergency water line to North Kingstown still in place, the Town Council Monday decided not to extend the current watering ban to include non-essential commercial uses.

A blustery northeaster brought sunshine and blue skies Saturday for the 18th annual Fools’ Rules Regatta. About 1,000 packed the town beach at East Ferry to watch the antics of the intrepid sailors.

Organizers are hoping for a good turnout for the first annual Yak About, a kayak race around Conanicut Island this Saturday, Aug. 26, to benefit the Jamestown Senior Center at the Grange.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, Aug. 24, 2000

Sunshine and perfect breezes ruled over the record 60 participants in this year’s 23rd annual Fools’ Rules Regatta. Attracting sailors from all over the state, country and world, the “boat” race keeps growing, with 112 more entries than last year.

Sitting as the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners Monday night, the Town Council unanimously decided to charge all municipal sewer users a 10% flat fee to pay off the $5.5 million bond needed to rehabilitate the 20-yearold sewer system.

There are still about 100 island homes that have not been inspected for the island property revaluation that has been going on since the beginning of the year.

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