2010-09-02 / Editorial

Common sense and safety first in a storm

Everyone is watching with interest and concern as Hurricane Earl bears down on New England. Those with boats and waterfront interests are obviously taking the cautious approach by doing everything possible to prepare for a possible brush with the spectacular wrath of Mother Nature.

Those who are inshore should also do their best to prepare for fury. That includes removing items from your yard that could become errant missiles in the blowing winds. It’s a good time to batten down the hatches at home, so to speak.

People can also prepare for the storm’s aftermath by making sure they have all the necessary supplies on hand should we lose electricity. Make sure you have flashlights, fresh batteries, candles, a lamp and lamp oil. Fill the gas tanks in your vehicles, and have fuel for the generator.

We urge people to use basic common sense when the storm arrives. Many people will want to head to Beavertail to watch the massive rollers and foamy surf that accompany such a storm. Be smart. Stay away from the crashing water. Do not go near the rocks. One could be swept out to sea in a heartbeat.

As always, be alert to announcements from public officials concerning storm safety. Put safety first – both for yourself, your family, and your friends and neighbors.

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