2010-09-02 / Letters to the Editor

Support Winsor and her Working Group

Ellen Winsor is a brilliant, hardworking person who works for the betterment of our town and neighboring communities.

Growing up in Jamestown has been the ultimate luxury. I am spoiled to wake up to the sound of a distant foghorn and to walk my dog less than a mile to our rocky shoreline to watch small boats pass by in the Bay. Our town is beautiful, untouched by large businesses and respected by its locals. Everyone has a friendly face, and all are outgoing and helpful.

I am proud to be a part of such a great community. It would be a shame if anything happened to our Bay and its delicate ecosys- tem.

The Town Council should not have censured what Ellen Winsor’s LNG Working Group is advocating. Ellen and her colleagues have worked hard for over a year to compile information and rally collaborators against the Weaver’s Cove Energy, LLC LNG proposal. Ellen and her Working Group have the interest of Jamestown and other local communities in mind, and would like to preserve the Bay for future generations.

Ellen does not represent the town or council when she goes to neighboring communities asking for help against the LNG proposal. It is upsetting to hear that her time-critical work was shut down because the council believed that she portrayed herself other than she was.

The Town Council should incorporate and work together with Ellen and her Working Group, instead of censuring and throwing away all of their hard work. As a member of the Jamestown community and a Narragansett Bay enthusiast, I believe this would be best for Jamestown and the Bay.

What the council should take to heart is that Ellen Winsor is doing what is best for our island and they should enhance her work and findings if they feel the same. Ellen is extremely hardworking and proactive; she will stop at nothing until she gets the result she wants. I think this is a great quality of a strong leader.

I encourage all to support Ellen and her Working Group as they work against the Weaver’s Cove Energy, LLC LNG proposal. I strongly advise all residents of Jamestown to be better involved with their council and government, and to not be afraid to ask questions.

Jodie Woodside


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