2010-09-02 / Letters to the Editor

‘Time does not stand still here’

Each week, I look in the paper and see the letters that people write to the Jamestown Press. I see articles about LNG tankers, wind turbines, motorcycle noise, signs in front of apartments, fire horns and – my personal favorite – a person that doesn’t want commercial business in commercially zoned areas.

All of these letters state complaints that people have with these issues. Now I’m not going to write a letter complaining or whining about these issues or the people that write them. Instead, I say keep writing them. You give me a good laugh each week, and make me shake my head in disbelief that the people in Jamestown can complain so much about everyday life.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a place where time stands still, and things never change. Jamestown is a place that thrives on tourism, natural beauty, small business and the people that support these businesses. Sure, I miss the good ole days when I could go to Beavertail on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer and have it all to myself, or find a parking space right way at my favorite surf spot without getting a parking ticket. But times have changed, and I accept these changes.

Jamestown is a beautiful place to live and work, and we should all feel lucky to live in such a beautiful area with wonderful people.

Don’t worry, our little town will never become a booming metropolis of high rises and beach condos that look like the Jersey shore (though I have nothing against the Jersey shore and enjoy visiting there each winter on commercial fishing trips). My suggestion is to look at the good side of these annoyances.

Natural gas and wind are a lot cleaner for the environment than coal. The people on motorcycles bring business to the local eateries around town. Signs and fire horns – I hear that fire horn every day. For 30 seconds, it’s there and gone. Who cares? Get a life.

As for business being conducted in commercialzoned areas – specifically, my landscape business, the auto garage and the oil company – if you don’t like where we operate, you probably shouldn’t have bought a house on the busiest road in town, around commercial property that has been that way for about 80 years.

We must move on and make a living every day. We all care about this community and the people in it.

Edward D. Coughlan


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