2010-09-02 / News

EEE virus found in Rhode Island

The R.I. Dept. of Health and the R.I. Dept. of Environmental Management advise all Rhode Islanders that a pool of mosquitoes from a mosquito-trapping site in Westerly has tested positive for eastern equine encephalitis. This is the first mosquito pool this summer to test positive for EEE.

“This is a reminder to all Rhode Islanders about the proper precautions to avoid mosquito bites – use bug spray with DEET and minimize outside activities at dawn and dusk,” said Director of Health David R. Gifford, MD, MPH.

Gifford offered the following tips to stay safe:

• Use bug spray with DEET. Make sure that bug spray does not have more than 30% DEET. Do not use bug spray with DEET on infants.

• At sunrise and sundown – when mosquitoes are most active – minimize outside activities. If you are outside, wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, and use bug spray.

• Put mosquito netting over playpens and baby carriages.

• Put screens on windows and doors. Fix screens that have holes.

• Get rid of anything around your house and yard that collects water. One cup of water can produce thousands of mosquitoes.

• Change the water in birdbaths at least two times a week.

• Clean gutters so that they can drain properly.

• Remove any water from unused swimming pools or boats, and cover them.

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