2010-09-16 / Letters to the Editor

Moving ahead to round two on LNG

On Wednesday, Sept. 8, our towns in Rhode Island and Massachusetts took a stand against Weaver’s Cove/Hess LNG’s illadvised liquified natural gas terminal siting. I am writing on behalf of Jamestown’s LNG Threat Committee to thank everyone who was there and everyone who helped make it possible. This event was a great success, with 120 attendees, exceptional speakers and representatives from 10 towns.

The Congress of Councils will meet again in October. We look forward to our towns uniting on this siting issue.

It could not have happened without such broad support, but there were also some exceptional efforts from:

My colleagues at the Jamestown LNG Threat Committee – Dan Wright, Peter Converse, Lowell Thomas and Martin Keen.

The leadership of the Jamestown Town Council and Councilman Bob Bowen.

The financial and moral support from our sponsors, the Newport and Bristol County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau and its executive director, Evan Smith, and Jody Sullivan and the Newport Chamber of Commerce.

Our hard -working town staff, including Town Administrator Bruce Keiser, our town’s legal counsel, Peter Ruggiero, and Town Clerk Cheryl Fernstrom.

Our partners in these efforts, including our Middletown liaison, Dick Adams, who was with us from the start; Jamestowner Ken Newman; and state representatives and senators Deb Ruggiero, Lou diPalma and Ray Gallison.

We know that all of these issues can be eliminated if Hess/ Weaver’s Cove simply would withdraw this terminal project. However, they simply refuse to do so. With that the case, the Congress of Councils will continue to fight for the towns and citizens of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The next meetings will be held in October in sites on Aquidneck Island and north in Bristol County or Fall River. We look forward to more towns, more council members from each town, and more state senators and representatives working with us on making it an even bigger success.

For now, a big thanks to all who made this work. After a day’s rest, they will all help us move ahead for round two.
Dick Lynn
Vice Chairman
LNG Threat Committee
Congress of Councils

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