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Wedding ring returns to owner – thanks to island neighbors

Pat Venable shows off her recovered wedding ring. Pat Venable shows off her recovered wedding ring. Pat Venable, a Jamestown summer resident who lives in Lawrenceville, N.J., enjoys clamming in Dutch Harbor at low tide with her family and neighbors.

But one day earlier this summer, she pulled up a clam with her left hand. As she did, she said, she looked down and noticed that her wedding ring was missing.

Venable was devastated.

The 45-year-old ring was a Jorge Jensen from Denmark, purchased for her by her late husband, Baxter.

“He saw it in New York City,” she said. “But he waited until he got back to Cleveland to decide to buy it. The vendor sent it to him before receiving payment.”

Fortunately, she said, one of her West Ferry neighbors, Jillian Barber, happened to be on the beach when Venable lost her ring.

“She said that she would go right home and tell her neighbor, Jim Pemantell,” she said, adding that Pemantell has metal detectors.

Pemantell came down to the beach to see approximately where she had lost the ring, Venable said.

“Then, for umpteen times at good low tides, he searched and searched and searched,” she said. “That was the middle of August.”

On Labor Day, Pemantell called to say that he had found a ring, Venable said.

But just before he called her on Labor Day, Venable said, he took the ring to her good friend, Sue Maden, for identification.

Maden couldn’t identify it though, she said.

“When he called me, he asked if there were any identifying marks on it,” she said. “My answer was that it has scalloped edges, to which he replied, ‘I have your ring!’”

Pemantell shipped the ring to her in New Jersey the next day, Venable said.

“On Sept. 9, I was a happy person,” she said. “Thanks to Jillian and Jim!”

Venable is thrilled to be reunited with her ring. But she’s also gathered some new wisdom from the experience, she said.

“Do not pull quahogs with a wedding ring on,” she said.

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