2010-09-16 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro
Hayley Carlisle will appear in the title role of Cinderella in the Jamestown Community Theatre’s production of Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.” Her father, Clayton Carlisle, will play the king.

Others in the cast are: Laura Smith, queen

Julia Hirsch, stepmother

Sarah Farrelly, Portia, a stepsister

Madeline Brown, Joy, a stepsister

Jan Trousilek, prince

Patricia Rushton, fairy godmother

Anza DiGasper, fairy godmother in training

Tom Wiggin, Herald, ensemble A

Allie Brown, Dana Larkin and Natalie Toland, the singing group Ella and the Cinders

The musical will be presented Nov. 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21 at the Jamestown Recreation Center.


Is anyone missing a green and yellow parakeet? Ira Murphy says that one has been visiting his bird feeder. He said he cannot get close enough to capture it and fears that a cold snap could do it in. Ira lives at 66 East Shore Rd.

*** Justine Calcina writes, “On two separate days this week, driving up North Road from the overpass, there were two different pairs of dogs holding up traffic. I have lost several dogs (and cats) to this road over the last 25 years, and witnessed others. I can’t help wondering if the elimination of the dog officer position means that people are letting their dogs run more freely. North Road is dangerous to dogs.”


Not everybody has a poem written about them on their birthday. But Sunny Hocutt did. She has played a lot of tennis in her day and now is coaching ladies doubles players. On a Tuesday evening last month at the Lawn Avenue courts, activities stopped abruptly and the players surprised Sunny on her 83rd birthday, complete with a chocolate cake and the happy birthday song. Gifts were a blue clamp-on umbrella and a shirt with a Jamestown tennis logo. To mark the occasion, Kathy Brownell wrote the following poem:

Foot faults, serving, scoring Sunny knows it all She’ll even tell you how to watch the ball Valuable tips given in a loving way That’s what Sunny does

every Tuesday.

The sun for Sunny is sometimes

far too bright

So standing in the shade on the third court

is where you’ll find her on tennis night.

We thought of a way to get her to sit on the bench.... Maybe bring in Roger Federer

that cute looking fella

He couldn’t come so instead we got her a chair clamp-on umbrella.

Sunny says “deep thanks” and we say happy birthday, Sunny.


John A. Murphy writes that two of the best family movies made in the last 20 years start with a husband and father being shot and killed. Name the movies.


I miss the time when we could call the Town Hall and a real person would answer…and you didn’t have to know extension numbers.


None of the candidates who called my home last weekend with recorded messages received my vote.


Bob Fleming wrote regarding Judy Garlick’s collection of school memorabilia, wondering how he and other former students who live far from the island will be able to see the culmination of Judy’s work.

“You’re going to have to come here,” Judy said. She added that anyone interested is welcome to visit her at home. Just call ahead. The collection will also be at the Jamestown Historical Society Museum next summer.


Phyllis Diller’s husband’s name was Fang says Mary Brawn, Bob Kinder, Cheryl Fernstrom, Elizabeth Mancini and Grace Sisson, now of Maine.


It’s a busy week for cruise ships in the East Passage. Atlantica of the Costa line and Norwegian Dawn of the Norwegian cruise line, are in Saturday, Caribbean Princess of the Princess line is here on Sunday, Crystal Symphony of the Crystal line is here on Tuesday and Norwegian Jewel of the Norwegian line is here on Wednesday.


A Snapple cap moment: The city of Los Angeles has three times more automobiles than people.


Tomorrow is Citizenship Day. Sign someone up.

The Great Hurricane struck Rhode Island 72 years ago next Tuesday.

Wednesday, Sept. 22, is the first day of autumn. Getting time to put the socks back on.

*** Be true!


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