2010-09-23 / Letters to the Editor

Stick to governing, please

This letter was also sent to the Jamestown Town Council.

The FAA letter rejecting the Taylor Point wind turbine location is good news, and a blessing that could save Jamestown hundreds of thousands of dollars – only if you abandon the project.

Please reconsider my July letter: “– any power generation business is complex, wind power is more so. Some will question whether it is appropriate for a town to invest in and start any business; especially one which has high odds of failure.”

The FAA rejection will be just one of many surprises if you and your colleagues continue to pursue the sophisticated and diffi- cult business of wind generation. You continue to engage more and more consultants. Trying to solve every problem by hiring more consultants is not a successful business model.

I am sure the majority of your constituents believe you should concentrate on the business of efficiently governing the affairs of this remarkable island and leave the business of power generation to the professionals.
Nicholas Schaus

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