2010-09-23 / News

Jamestown soccer announces results

The Jamestown Soccer Association has announced the results of this week’s recreation league games:

U6 division outstanding


McQuade’s Market: Caitlin Delessio, McKenna Gaugler

Conanicut Marine: Jacob Podunajec, Cece Tamburini

Ocean Point Insurance: Luke Millen, Amelie Gregoire

Baker’s Pharmacy: Logan Karren, Hannah Lopes

Jamestown Women’s Club: Polina Wright, Ceriana Carnevale

The Secret Garden: Robert Cadwalader, John Cadwalader

U8 division oustanding players:

Central Garage: Alexandra Sabourine, Cameron Chabronet

Island Realty: Rileigh Gouveia, Cecelia Masterson

Stearns Farms: Collette Fortenberg, Sofia Long

Ali’s Run: Molly Egan, Evan Tuttle

Jamestown Hardware: Dean Mitchell, Courtney Dancheck

Jamestown Rotary Club: Ryder Anderson, Victoria Coulter

U10 division results:

Murphy’s Law:1, Jamestown Fitness: 2

Goals scored by Ksenyia Farrell and Tim Fay

Jamestown Animal Clinic: 7, Jamestown Golf Course: 6

Goals scored by Ephraim Graham, Maya Gamble, Donovan Martin, Caleb Wagner, Max Ward and Abby O’Laughlin

House of Pizza: 2, Kettlebottom Outfitters: 2

Goals scored by Lauren Toland, Justin Hodrick and Jake Froberg

U12 division results:

Slice of Heaven: 6, Fuzz Foundation: 1

Goals scored by Maddie Mc- Donough, Connor Kennedy, Joshua Drummond, Matthew Drummond and Hope Mitchell

Salon Balyage: 3, The Shack at Dutch Harbor: 4

Goals scored by Damien Beecroft, Emma McIntyre and Gavin Wagner

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