2010-09-23 / News of Record


Driving w/suspended license/

bench warrant

Jose Jumique, 40, of 560 Prospect St. in Pawtucket, was charged Sept. 18 with driving with a suspended license and a bench warrant violation after he was stopped for speeding, according to police. He was held at the police station, and an arraignment was scheduled for Oct. 1 in Newport District Court, police said.

DUI charges

• Steven Blanchette, 33, of 53 Narragansett Ave. was charged Sept. 15 with refusal to submit to a chemical test and for DUI, B.A.C.-unknown after he was stopped for alleged erratic driving on Conanicus Avenue, police said. He was held at the police station and a re-arraignment was scheduled for Sept. 17 in Newport District Court, police said.

• Harold E. Harpool, 49, of 42 Clinton Ave. was charged Sept. 17 with first-offense DUI after he was stopped on Southwest Avenue for allegedly driving into traffic with his high beams on. The officer flashed Harpool and when he didn’t respond, he pulled him over and smelled liquor on his breath, police said. Harpool blew .08-1.0 on a Breathalyzer test, according to police. An arraignment was scheduled for Oct. 1 in Newport District Court, police said.


• On Sept. 14, five fire extinguishers were stolen from school buses in the Southwest Avenue bus parking lot, police said. One of the fire extinguishers was recovered at the side of a street by a Jamestown police officer on patrol.

• On Sept. 17, a box truck allegedly struck a parked vehicle on Narragansett Avenue and continued driving. Witnesses saw the incident, and the owner of the victimized vehicle followed the truck. Police were called and the owner of the offending vehicle was stopped. Police said that the matter was settled between the two vehicle owners and no arrests were made.

• On Sept. 19, a car was towed from Summit Avenue after a man refused to move his parked vehicle after police told him he was blocking a neighbor’s access to his driveway. Apparently, the neighbors have had an ongoing dispute about parking on the street. The man whose car was in violation said that he wasn’t parking on the street because Summit Avenue is a paper street and not a public right of way. Police said that whether the street was paper or not had no significance in this case because the car was obstructing traffic. The man still refused to move the car. The police told him they were going to give him a ticket and remove the car. The man was adamant and refused to budge. A ticket was issued and the car was towed.

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