2010-09-30 / Letters to the Editor

Campers are our neighbors

The recent spate of reporting on Jamestown’s Ft. Getty situation needs some tweaking to be more accurate.

To say that the town nets $100,000 from RV fees and not include the $150,000 allocation to the Capital Improvement Fund as net income is analogous to a proprietor not reporting the full $250,000 to the IRS and trying to pay income tax on only $100,000 of the full profit.

Good luck on that. Net income is profit.

It also needs to be realized that the expenses expended directly benefit the local community in the form of salaries, services, supplies, etc. The local recipients of expense expenditures, again, then spend their income largely in the community.

Additionally, the campers support the community when spending at the markets, gas stations and garages, restaurants and cafes, liquor stores and ice cream shops, hardware and marine suppliers and servicers, beauticians, barbers, farmers and all the other various merchants and service providers on the island.

All this while only minimally costing the town in services. The school bus picks up no children at Ft. Getty.

As seasonal residents, we pay things like mooring fees, parking tickets and property taxes for year-round camper storage, etc. Some campers are actually yearround resident taxpayers.

Seasonal campers at Ft. Getty greatly appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of Jamestown, and consider ourselves friends and participants of the diverse community of the town, its churches, festivals, civic and cultural events.

We are, in fact, your neighbors.
William Henley
Christine Henley

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