2010-09-30 / Letters to the Editor

Ft. Getty is our jewel

It is always gratifying to pick up the Jamestown Press, read the editorial and find yourself agreeing with the views expressed. This certainly was the case last week with the Sept. 23 issue, in the editorial entitled “What should we do with our jewel in the rough?” The jewel in question is, of course, Ft. Getty. You asked the question – here are my thoughts!

The Jamestown Town Council recently held a work session, which I attended, regarding future plans for Ft. Getty. At this work session, the existing Master Plan was reviewed, results of a recent town survey were shared and some opinions from the public were expressed. One thing was very clear at the end of that work session – we need more updated information to make an informed decision about what to do with this wonderful park.

The work done so far on the Master Plan was carried out by an obviously dedicated and very effective planning committee. I would like to suggest that we reactivate this committee to prepare an updated, detailed study of all the options now on the table. This committee could then provide a summary of all the financial implications of each option.

This information could then be presented to the public before holding a “community-wide charrette” (as was suggested in the aforementioned editorial).

This Friday, Oct. 1, is Jamestown Day at Ft. Getty. This would be a great event to attend to support a great cause. It would also be a great opportunity for each of us to envision what this park could be and how it could best be utilized.

So, before we do anything to spoil our jewel in the rough, we need more information about what we want our jewel to look like, how the jewel will be used, how it should be “shaped” and just how much to “polish” it.

This is our jewel; we need to let our Town Council members know our views.
Mary Jo Diem

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