2010-09-30 / Sam Bari

The ‘Space Guys’ are watching

You can’t beat a system you can’t understand
By Sam Bari

According to several U.S. Air Force officers, security policemen and respected author Robert Hastings, the “space guys” have been watching us from their interplanetary – and possibly intergalactic – spacecraft for years. So say reports in the American Chronicle and on AOL news.

I readily admit that I have written about “If the space guys are watching us, what do they see?” for years. But that was in the best interests of asking if we, as representatives of our planet, are putting our best foot forward for all of our interplanetary neighbors to see – in case they are watching.

I have always felt that we should set a good example, which we have not.

Apparently, however, there is proof from credible eyewitnesses that the space guys have indeed been watching, and they are paying close attention to what we do.

I am not making this up. This is real.

This week, at the National Press Club, Hastings presented six former Air Force personnel who were willing to break their silence and “disclose dramatic first-hand experiences with UFOs at nuclear weapons sites.

The results of that conference were not available when this article was written.

The report claimed that Hastings’ co-host for the news conference was ICBM launch officer, Capt. Robert Salas. He was a witness to a UFO incident in 1967 that he says caused missiles to become inoperative at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. He also said that he was ordered to keep quiet about the incident.

Other witnesses attending the conference were U.S.A.F. Col. Charles Halt, retired U.S.A.F. Lt. Colonel Dwynne Arneson, retired U.S.A.F. Capt. Bruce Fenstermacher, former U.S.A.F. Capt. Robert Jamison, retired U.S. Navy Intelligence Command Master Chief Patrick McDonough and former U.S.A.F. First Lt. Jerry Nelson.

They all claimed to have witnessed UFO sightings at U.S. and joint British/American air bases where nuclear weapons and missiles were stored.

Hastings’ report said, “Declassifi ed U.S. government documents and the testimony of more than 120 former or retired military personnel have established beyond doubt the reality of ongoing UFO incursions at American nuclear weapons sites.

“While most of the incidents apparently involved mere surveillance, in a few cases a significant number of nuclear missiles suddenly and simultaneously malfunctioned, just as U.S.A.F. security policemen reported seeing discshaped craft hovering nearby.”

If these reports are true, the space guys are not happy about our nuclear arsenal. If they did disable those weapons as reported, maybe it would be in our best interests to pay attention.

Without hurting a soul, communicating with anybody in proximity to the incidents or any obvious act of aggression, the ‘space guys’ allegedly managed to shut down entire missile banks in their silos so they couldn’t be launched. That was a demonstration of technology that we certainly do not have.

These incidents happened in the 1960s. By our present standards, the technology would be dated. Whether it is dated is of little consequence – we still can’t do that.

The America Online report said that Captain Salas wonders if the military has any legal authority to command its subordinates not to talk about something this signifi cant, especially after the extraordinary events at Malmstrom Air Force base, where a UFO may have been responsible for shutting down 10 nuclear missiles.

Hastings said that he and Salas would be asking the government simple, fundamental questions. Among them, “Why do UFOs continue to appear at nuclear weapons sites, decade after decade?”

Another was, “What might these incursions indicate about the intentions and goals of those who presumably pilot these craft?”

The most significant question in my eyes was, “Why has the U.S. government chosen to keep the American public and people everywhere in the dark about these dramatic developments?”

The answers should be interesting.

To date, the incursions have been benign, at least at military bases. Many people have claimed to have close encounters with extraterrestrials, and some have allegedly been abducted.

However, there hasn’t been proof as solid as the photographs and same sightings by hundreds of people, as has happened with many of the UFO sightings near U.S. air bases.

Whoever the alien visitors are, they appear to mean us no harm. Nonetheless, this question still needs to be answered: Are their intentions altruistic, or are they looking after our well being because they are preserving us for some other purpose in the future?

Until that question is answered, the space guys will continue to be a part of our system that we can’t understand.

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