2010-10-07 / Letters to the Editor

More questions on Hess LNG

I have been following the discussion of the pros and cons of building the Hess LNG terminal. Many questions have been asked and answered. However, there are a few questions that I don’t feel have been fully answered.

First, would this facility require dredging any portion of Mt. Hope Bay? The flounder that spawn in the silty bay bottom are an important and endangered part of the ecosystem here. Dredging large portions of the Bay would upset the ecosystem and may hurt local fishermen as well.

Second, if the Newport Bridge is closed, can emergency vehicles still cross? Right now, anyone being transported for a medical emergency goes to Newport...is that flexible? Could people go to South County instead?

Finally, there are plenty of regattas in the Bay and people’s livelihoods depend on them. I understand being able to track the tankers and plan accordingly, but what about reciprocity? Many of these events are planned months (even years) in advance. Is Hess willing to avoid the dates regattas are running?

Change can be a positive thing. I don’t want

to downplay the shortand

long-term jobs that would be added to Rhode Island’s economy. I just want enough information to make an informed decision.
Anne Ward Masterson

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