2010-10-07 / News of Record


Bench Warrant

Nicholas A. Seiler, 29, of 171 Conanicus Ave. Apt. 6, was charged with a bench warrant violation Sep. 30 after police took Seiler into custody at a Narragansett Avenue business. Police had prior knowledge of the warrant and saw the subject in the business when they took him into custody, police said. Seiler was held at the police station, where he was processed and transported to Second District Court in Newport, according to police.


• On Oct. 1, police were called to a house in the Jamestown Shores where a woman found her cat on her front porch. She told police that the cat was an indoor cat and was never let out of the house. When she left the house the cat was inside. Consequently, the woman checked her house and found the screen on a door at the back of the house had been torn at one corner close to the doorknob. The door was in a section of the house that hadn’t been used in years. The woman believed someone had broken into the house, although she didn’t find anything missing.

Police investigated and determined that the rip in the screen had been there for some time, and they found undisturbed dust indicating that nobody had made recent entry through the door. Police could find no evidence of a burglary or breaking and entering.

However, nobody has figured out how the cat got outside.

• On Sep. 29, a Quest mountain bike valued at $150 was reported stolen from the Lawn Avenue school bicycle rack. The bicycle was found on the Shoreby Hill Green on Oct. 2.

Police announcement

The Jamestown Police Department has had numerous complaints about cars speeding from north to south through the school crossing at North Main Road and Watson Avenue.

Consequently, the police will be stepping up enforcement of the speed limit entering the downtown district on North Main Road. Violators will be ticketed, police said.

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