2010-10-07 / Sam Bari

The government’s response to the UFO news conference

You can’t beat a system you can’t understand
By Sam Bari

Last week, I wrote a column about a Sept. 28 National Press Club news conference concerning six former Air Force personnel who were willing to break their silence and “disclose dramatic first-hand experiences with UFOs at nuclear weapons sites.”

The conference, hosted by recognized UFO researcher Robert Hastings, and co-hosted by former ICBM launch officer Captain Robert Salas, did indeed occur. As promised, the six former Air Force personnel did testify and disclose accounts of alleged UFO encounters that they had been harboring for decades.

Although this disclosure appears to be a major breakthrough that should support the argument that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth on a regular basis, it did not accomplish that effort.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) responded with its usual rhetoric. “We do not investigate claims of UFO sightings,” an unidentified FAA spokesman said via a telephone inquiry.

The FAA has taken this position for quite some time. Also, the news conference was not the first that Hastings has hosted.

In a CNN video from Nov. 13, 2007, Gary Tuchman reported on a similar conference, again at the National Press Club that hosted 14 guests from seven different countries, all reporting close encounters with alleged extraterrestrial visitors. One of the guests was a retired Belgian general and another was Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona.

Whenever these press conferences have been held, a few more people gathered the courage to come forward and share their experiences. Most of them are credible, respected and educated citizens. All of them fear being perceived as nut cases or “weird” because of the absurdity of their claims.

According to Michael Horn, another acknowledged UFO researcher, who gave the most reasonable explanation that supported both sides of the UFO controversy, everybody is right.

He went on to say that everything unknown or unidentified is not necessarily extraterrestrial. Many of the sightings have natural explanations.

Horn, who claims to have experienced six separate UFO sightings, says that he has been held to the same scientific standard. He, and all of the other witnesses, saw something that they cannot explain.

Nobody has ever shown solid proof that they communicated with whomever or whatever was piloting the craft. None of the credible witnesses ever claimed to have experienced anything more than seeing something unusual, for which they had no explanation. That does not mean that what they saw came from another planet.

The military personnel and witnesses from large groups that claimed to have seen the unusual flying objects have never said they saw a pilot or evidence of a living being involved in their encounters.

Even the group from Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, where 10 nuclear-powered missiles were rendered inoperable when the alleged space vehicles were hovering about the silos, cannot prove that the unexplained visitors caused the malfunctions.

This does not mean that the government does not believe these witnesses, or that the events did not happen. Any malfunction of a defense system is taken very seriously. However, there is no proof of aggression by the alleged spacecraft.

All they have ever done is make their presence known, and perform some aerobatic maneuvers that are beyond the capabilities of any known aircraft from this planet.

As disappointing and frustrating as it must be to the witnesses and others who are concerned about the seeming increase and bolder encounters with unexplained flying objects, most governments are taking similar positions.

Until one of the visitors commits an act of aggression, or lands in a public place and the pilot comes out and attempts to introduce himself/herself/itself, authorities are not going to do anything. Without tangible proof, there is nothing to investigate.

In conclusion, the government’s response to alleged alien visitors flying UFOs and visiting military installations, is no response.

Nonetheless, I can’t help but think that someone might be sending us a message by shutting down 10 ICBMs so they can’t be fired.

Until someone can prove a close encounter of the third kind, UFOs will remain part of our system that we can’t understand.

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