2010-10-14 / Letters to the Editor

131,000 pounds, and still growing

For those who volunteer at the Jamestown Community Farm, the first Sunday in October was one of the many that make the year’s efforts so rewarding.

On a glorious late summer day, 25 first-year high school boys from St. George’s School helped to harvest this year’s bumper crop of squash, pumpkins and dried beans. Perhaps to the surprise of many of them, they had a great time. It is always particularly gratifying to pick the squash, knowing that they are a vegetable that stores well and that in another month, a good portion of the harvest will find itself on the Thanksgiving tables of those in need throughout the state.

With most of this year’s harvest complete, the Community Farm now turns its attention to its fall/winter project: Raising funds for the construction of a barn. The fact that the dry storage of the squash and pumpkins alone all but fills the one small tool shed on the property underscores the importance of this effort.

Careful readers of the Jamestown Press will recall that last week, a circular with a sketch of the proposed barn, drawn by the local architect who donated the design, Jim Estes, was enclosed with the paper, along with a return envelope for donors to send their checks. For those who meant to follow through and still have these, please send them in. For those who have since recycled both, we make this one additional request and steer you to the quarter-page ad in this paper, with the sketch of the proposed barn and a restatement of what was circulated earlier.

Please show your support, and help us to celebrate the Community Farm’s 10th year of operation by sending your check payable to Jamestown Community Farm, Inc. P.O. Box 352, or stop by the farm stand this weekend to buy some of the squash and make your gift in person.

For the record, our slogan of “120,000 pounds and still growing” has already become obsolete. Having tallied the last of this year’s harvest, the new number is 131,000 pounds, with more than 17,000 pounds being distributed this year alone.

It was a great year.
Eric Archer
Board Chair
Community Farm, Inc.

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