2010-10-14 / Letters to the Editor

Skatefest 2010 a ‘ton of fun’

Skatefest 2010 a great success.

The Jamestown Teen Center would like to thank everyone who made Skatefest 2010 such a successful event.

Thank you to everyone who attended and showed your support and enthusiasm for the Teen Center and skateboarding. This was the Teen Center’s first year hosting the event at night – and on a weekend after school has started – making this year’s event unique to previous Skatefests.

Many thanks to parent volunteers Melissa Mastrostefano and Bruce Toppa, and to teens John Chamberlain, Raeshelle DeValerio, Aliza Gomez and Jon Holmes for all their assistance. Thank you, too, to recreation dept. staff Jill Goldstein, Andrea Masterson, Josh North, Ronnie Parfitt, Bill Piva, Bre Rousseau, Andrew Rushton and April Sleeper for all of their assistance in getting everything organized and set up.

Thank you to Litter Team members Clay Caswell and Jimmy Perry for all of your hard work before, during and after the event, as well as Coordinator Bonnie Jamison and the whole crew for ensuring the park is clean for all who visit. Thanks to Lew Kitts from the school dept. for making sure we had everything we needed.

Thank you to Robb and Lynn Roach for your support of the Teen Center and Robb, thank you so much for being our emcee again, keeping the day running smoothly and introducing teens to Louie the Fish. Thanks Jeremy Wigton, a.k.a. “DJ Platz,” for providing the entertainment.

Thank you to Freddie Bingell from House of Pizza for supplying all the refreshments for the day and making a generous donation. Thanks, too, to Jay Hamel and Allary Litherland for donating your time for marketing, photography and design. Finally, thanks to Mike Martin for bringing an extra set of lights to keep us out of the dark.

Thank you to all of our sponsors: The Chemical Company, Kettlebottom Outfitters, Representative Deb Ruggiero and Water Brothers Surf and Skate. We would also like to thank Jamestowners Donnie Barley from Element and Fountain of Youth, Brian and Stephanie Costanas from Smith Optics, and Paul and Jackie Danchek from Volcom for all their generous donations.

Skatefest 2010 was a ton of fun and hopefully, it will be an even bigger success next year.
Debbie Tungett
Teen Coordinator
Jamestown Teen Center

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