2010-10-21 / Letters to the Editor

‘Intruders’ at Ft. Getty

Here we go again. The discussion about what to do with Fort Getty always seems to go back to placating the so called resident campers or seasonal residents as they are often referred to.

What is most befuddling is that we are paying more to provide a magnificent summer residence to the campers than we are getting back in return. And, now, there are rumblings about using taxpayer money to make infrastructure improvements while those of us who reside in Jamestown, and pay property taxes in Jamestown will still feel like outsiders.

This past summer for the first time in many years, I rode my bike into Fort Getty and, of course, rode by many of our “neighbors.” I was greeted with suspicious stares and a few comments about the beauty of the place with the hidden meaning that I really shouldn’t be infringing on our “neighbors.”

When did it come to pass that the residents who pay for and own the land are made to feel like intruders? If the town has the inclination to make infrastructure improvements mainly for the benefit of the campers, and if these improvements must be made then the fees for staying at the campground should be raised to offset the added costs.

It’s time for Jamestown to take back Fort Getty and provide recreation in a most beautiful spot for the residents who are footing the bill. Mr. Henley’s letter (Press edition Sept. 30) concerning the benefits to some of the businesses leaves me confused. Shouldn’t the Town Council also care about those who live here?

And, for heaven’s sake, let’s stop allowing these campers to call the shots as far as the facility is concerned. I suspect that if this were located in Narragansett and I were to park my camper for an entire summer plus, I would never be able to address their local government. That’s as it should be here as well.
Cynthia Levesque

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