2010-10-21 / Letters to the Editor

Scarecrows pose for judges

A judge who came to the Island last week has chosen the winner of the Scarecrow competition.

The winner was a very well turned out new member of the Jamestown Emergency Medical Service Team, named “Jackie Jemscrow.” Try to find time to go and see this great scarecrow, who has bittersweet hair, a carved pumpkin head and a laminated tag with the name, “Jackie Jemscrow.”

The runners up were two scarecrows that can be seen at 5 Swinburne St., near the Library. “Ruby Redshoes” has a very wistful expression as she contemplates her shiny red shoes and “Basketball Jones” seems to be having a lot of fun swinging high over the yard.

Some of the entrants donated the money for the entrance fee from their own pockets to take part. What a great group they are. Thank you to the participants and all of the people who offered encouragement. The money will now be forwarded to Jamestown Community Farm to continue their wonderful work feeding hungry people. Sally Scarecrow is now retiring but hopes that you will join her in sending donations to the farm to build the much-needed barn.

Thank you again,
Judy Knight

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