2010-10-28 / Front Page

Candidates make appeal for Jamestowners’ votes

Compiled by Holly Benton

Representative in General Assembly

Deborah L. Ruggiero Deborah L. Ruggiero Deborah L. Ruggiero

Democrat and Jamestown resident Deb Ruggiero was born in 1958 and graduated from Boston College in 1980. Currently, Ruggiero is the director of community development for Citadel Broadcasting. She is a Representative in the Rhode Island State House of Representatives for Jamestown and Middletown and has been an instructor at Providence College since 1992, teaching Broadcast Advertising and Marketing Research.

“I am honored to serve as state representative for Jamestown. As a freshman legislator, I’ve worked hard to improve our economy, create jobs, and bring renewable energy to the forefront of economic development. As your representative, my priorities are the 4 E’s—economy, environment, education, and elderly. The only watchdog we have scrutinizing health insurance rates is the Health Insurance Commissioner. I worked to reinstate that office to protect us all. Like you, I believe in transparency in government so I sponsored legislation to put committee votes online in the General Assembly. I also serve on the House Committee for Small Business, and on Health Education and Welfare.

The Small Business Renewable Energy Task Force, which I initiated, has been recognized by Providence Business News. It convenes government, small business, and academia to identify goals for a statewide renewable energy policy and its impact on business. We need to protect our children, which is why I’m collaborating on anti-bullying legislation. Social media has moved bullying from the schoolyard to the home. I promise to be responsive, thoughtful and deliberate. I respectfully ask for your vote on Nov. 2 to finish the work that I’ve started. Thank you.”

Anthony A. Mastrostefano Anthony A. Mastrostefano Anthony A. Mastrostefano

Republican Anthony Mastrostefano was born in Rhode Island in 1962. He earned a mechanical engineering degree from Western New England College and a master’s of business degree from the University of Rhode Island. He owns and operates Mastro Electric and The Electric Connection, his family business. Mastrostefano lives in Jamestown with his wife Melissa and their two children, Mariel, 19, and James, 15.

“Rhode Island’s unemployment rate is intolerable. At 11.5 percent, it is not just a number. It is shattered dreams, wasted potential, and hopelessness for our state’s families. We have the highest unemployment in the region; fourth highest in the nation. It is hurting our social programs, education and quality of life. The reasons for this are structural, systemic and within our government’s control. It is time to stop the unnecessary pain that ill-informed state policies inflict on our citizens. In 2008 we were 47th in business friendliness. In 2010 we are 49th. We are going in the wrong direction. For the sake of Rhode Island families, we must become business friendly. This is the moral imperative that drove my decision to seek office. I have a lifetime of experience as a Rhode Island small business owner, a BS in engineering and a master’s in business administration. I bring a skill set that allows me to clearly see the policies that hold our state back; polices that I will fight to change. We need to compete and win jobs for our state’s citizens. I will pursue pro-growth policies that bring jobs back to our state. Please vote for me Nov. 2.”

Daniel J. Capuano Daniel J. Capuano Daniel J. Capuano

Independent Dan Capuano, was born in 1939 in Providence, and has since lived in Cranston and Jamestown. Formerly a hog farmer and waste industry employee, Capuano currently works for AllState Rental. He has four grown children and four grandchildren.

“I just want a chance. And I’ll give you a chance. If elected, I will leave the island’s infrastructure the same – we’ve got a good handle on it. I’m an Independent and the Democrats have this state in turmoil. They’ve had their chance to do something and they haven’t. It’s time for the people to come to the table and elect new legislation. Transportation and education are key. My big push is Light Rail. Connect Newport into Fall River into Boston – that’s the key to the other side of this island. Have a line into Providence. Our highway, fire and police departments shouldn’t change; they do a great job. In other areas, we need consolidation – there are too many duplicate jobs. I’m honest and I’m accessible. Give me a chance and I’ll work hard for you. Vote—it’s your opportunity. Please consider me on Nov. 2.”

Senator in General Assembly

M. Teresa Paiva-Weed M. Teresa Paiva-Weed M. Teresa Paiva-Weed

A lifelong resident of Newport, Democrat Teresa Paiva Weed was born in 1959. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Providence College and later, a law degree at Catholic University in Washington D.C. Elected in 2009 to serve as President of the Senate, Senator Paiva Weed is also a former Senate Majority Leader, vice chairwoman of the Senate Finance Committee and deputy chair of the Finance Subcommittee on Public Safety and the Environment. She also served as the Senate’s first woman chairperson of the Judiciary Committee.

“I am respectfully requesting that Jamestowners vote for me because I am able to ensure the concerns of Island residents are heard in the State House and acted upon. We had a historic year of working cooperatively – the House, the Senate, and the Governor. We made great progress on tax reform, renewable energy initiatives, and improving Rhode Island’s economic climate. I have worked closely with Jamestowners on many issues, ranging from opposing an LNG facility at Weaver’s Cove, bicycle safety, renewable energy initiatives, and strengthening the laws regarding suspended and revoked licenses. I have worked with the Turnpike and Bridge Authority on numerous issues impacting Jamestown, including discounted rates. I initiated the R.I. Equity Aid Program, which provided Jamestown with $250,000 in resurfacing and sidewalk repair funding. I will continue my commitment to transparency in government by ensuring that floor votes are published on the General Assembly website as close to real time as possible this legislative session. There will be difficult decisions in 2012 as Rhode Island will lose stimulus funds. I have demonstrated the ability to make hard decisions while protecting vital investments in areas that are important to Jamestown in higher education, transportation, health care, and the environment.”

Geoffrey William Cook Geoffrey William Cook Geoffrey William Cook

Republican Geoff Cook, born in 1960 in Stevenage, Herts England, graduated from Stevenage College in 1982. He moved to the United States in 1990. A former broadcaster for 99.3 WJZS in Newport, Cook currently works as a freight shipping specialist. He lives in Newport with his partner Donna.

“I will work with the residents of Jamestown to ensure their best interests are represented at the state level. Jamestown’s quiet charm is opposite to the hustle and bustle of Newport, and needs to be protected. I will ensure funds are available to repair and maintain Jamestown’s infrastructure to cater for resident and the influx of seasonal visitors. I hope this election will finally break the stronghold of Democrat one party rule in Rhode Island. With a better two party system in the statehouse, bringing more efficient government to the state we can provide a better climate to do business.”

Representative in Congress

David N. Cicilline David N. Cicilline David N. Cicilline

Democrat and current Mayor of Providence, David Cicilline was born in 1961 on the South Side of Providence. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Brown University in 1983 and a law degree from Georgetown University in 1986. Cicilline represented the East Side of Providence and a neighboring section of Pawtucket for four terms before being elected mayor of Providence in 2002, and again in 2006.

“We need a congressman in Washington with a proven record of getting things done and who understands the serious challenges facing Rhode Islanders. If you elect me to Congress, I will make you one promise: to go to Washington and fight hard every single day to bring results to hard-working Rhode Island families. My first priority in Washington will be to bring good-paying jobs back here to Rhode Island that help get our economy back on the right track. I will fight to end tax breaks that reward corporations that send jobs overseas and ensure that small businesses have access to the capital they need. I have proposed a Made in America Block Grant to retool small manufacturers and retrain our workforce to compete in the green and high-tech sectors of our economy. LNG tankers have no place in our bay and in Washington I will stand up to the oil companies to ensure that Narragansett Bay remains a beautiful part of our state. I have worked hard to expand green and renewable energies in our state and, in Congress, I will work to make Rhode Island a leader in wind and other renewable energy production. The challenges that we face are extremely difficult, but I believe that with hard work and a real commitment to stand up and fight for what’s right, we will meet these challenges. I’m asking for your vote to send me to Washington to fight to get our state and our country back on the right track.”

John J. Loughlin, II John J. Loughlin, II John J. Loughlin, II

Republican John Loughlin was born in 1959 and grew up in Lincoln, R.I. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the State University of New York. Loughlin is a retired lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserve, a three term State Representative and House Minority Whip representing District 71 in the Rhode Island General Assembly. He is married to the former Susan Brush and they have two daughters, Victoria and Carrie. They live in Tiverton, R.I.

“What I want to bring to Jamestown is the same thing I want to bring to the rest of 1st congressional District – jobs. Rhode Island currently has the 4th highest unemployment rate in the nation and the highest foreclosure rate in New England. I feel it is my responsibility to provide Rhode Islanders the tools to get back to work. I’m going to go to Washington and fight to lower taxes, cut spending and reduce the defi- cit. Further, if elected to serve this district, I will continue to fight the inappropriate siting of the Weaver’s Cove LNG facility in Mount Hope Bay. As a state representative, I opposed the siting of this facility and in Washington I would work tirelessly to ensure that the proposed LNG facility is never constructed and that any future facilities are sited appropriately – away from population centers and fragile ecosystems. Our waterways are our greatest natural and economic resource and we must fight to protect them.”

Gregory Raposa

Independent Gregory Raposa was born in 1947 in Fall River, Mass., and currently lives in Bristol. He earned his associate’s degree from the Community College of Rhode Island in 1968 and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rhode Island College in 1970. A taxi driver in Boston, Raposa is a member of the Vigilant Fox party.

“I don’t believe in imposing a fine on people who work, so, as a first step in destroying the income tax, I propose to eliminate income taxes on people earning less than $50,000. This income tax money – freed up – will act as a stimulus to the economy in a more natural way than current stimulus packages. A graduated income tax will start after $50,000 to earn the same in taxes as now. I am also proposing to completely revamp the educational system, eliminating almost all schools and colleges, in favor of home and self education, use of modern technology and paying student and their parents directly for their learning accomplishments. This income will allow a parent to stay at home, educate their child, and become a real family again. By 15, most students will have a college degree equivalent. The savings—about half a trillion dollars a year – year after year. I also propose to eliminate retirement benefits for new federal employees. Democrats and Republicans are the worst enemies of this country. Admit your past voting mistakes and stop voting for them.”

Kenneth A. Capalbo Kenneth A. Capalbo Kenneth A. Capalbo

Independent Ken Capalbo was born in 1943 in Wakefield, R.I. He earned his associate’s degree from the Community College of Rhode Island in 1993. Capalbo served in the United States Army from 1965 to 1968 and was a Correctional Officer in R.I. from 1973 to 1994. He lives in South Kingstown with his wife Carol. He has two children, Kyle and Kendra.

“The first thing voters should know about me is that I am the only candidate who is both pro-life and anti-war. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan must come to an end, and we must bring all the troops home. I believe we must end our onesided support for Israel. This does not mean abandoning our support for Israel, but rather a fair and just treatment for both the Israelis and the Palestinians. I am calling on all factions of the Palestinians to come together and do just what Israel did on May 14, 1948, and immediately declare statehood on all the land that was taken from them in 1967 during the Six Day War with Israel. I call on the Palestinians to renounce violence, and ask for recognition of the State of Palestine by all countries in the United Nations. I support universal, single-payer health care. I am proposing a jobs stimulus plan that can be viewed on my website at www.voteforkencapalbo.com. I believe the positions I have just stated are important to the citizens of Jamestown and to all Americans.”


Kenneth J. Block Kenneth J. Block Kenneth J. Block

Moderate party member, Ken Block was born in 1965 in Milford, Conn. He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Dartmouth College in 1987, and moved to R.I. in 1991. Block is the president of Simpatico Software Systems, a software engineering firm, and Cross Alert Systems, a manufacturer of specialized traffic signals for recreational trail/public road intersections. A Barrington resident for 18 years, Block lives with his wife Jennifer and their two children, Sam, 7, and Anna, 6.

“Rhode Island is ready to break the habit of submitting to the ‘lesser evil theory of politics,’ where we vote for one person because we’re afraid another will win. People are fed up with recycled politicians, the problems they’ve caused and their lack of plans for fixing Rhode Island. Rhode Islanders are ready to vote for the person with the best ideas and are most suited for the job of fixing our economy and our educational system. I am the only candidate with real plans that will make Rhode Island competitive with our neighbors, put people back to work, and provide our children with the best education possible. I quarterbacked the creation of the Moderate Party because the Republicans and the Democrats have been unable to get it right. We need new blood in office with fresh perspectives, willing to come to the table as adults to negotiate and fight for what’s best for all Rhode Islanders. Don’t waste your vote this election by voting for more of the same. It’s time to expect more from our elected officials. Rhode Island deserves a government as good as its people.”

Frank T. Caprio Frank T. Caprio Frank T. Caprio

Democrat Frank Caprio was born in 1966 in Providence. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University in 1988 and a law degree from Suffolk University in 1991. Caprio—current Rhode Island General Treasurer— lives in Providence with his wife Gabriella and two children, Frank II and Ashley.

“As Governor, I will fight to get Rhode Islanders back to work and will not rest until we turn this economy around. With courage, innovative ideas, and strong leadership, we can make Rhode Island a better place for our children and grandchildren. I have detailed proposals for growing our economy. Small businesses employ over 60 percent of Rhode Island’s workforce, and my Small Business Plan includes a ‘Business Finder Tax Credit’ that creates an incentive for small businesses to add jobs and recruit companies to settle in Rhode Island. The New York Times recently acknowledged this proposal as an innovative way to ‘tilt the tax code toward new jobs and new businesses.’ The Providence Journal has endorsed me, noting that I am prepared to be Governor because of my record as ‘ a realist and a reformer’. As Treasurer, I demonstrated my ability to cut costs while improving performance. I reduced my budget by an average of 10 percent each year. At the same time, Rhode Island’s pension fund outperformed the Harvard Endowment. I have the leadership and vision our next Governor needs, and I respectfully ask for your support on Nov. 2.”

John F. Robitaille John F. Robitaille John F. Robitaille

Republican John Robitaille was born in 1948 in Central Falls. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Providence College in 1970 and his master of science degree in human resource management from the University of Utah in 1976. Robitaille served as a communications advisor to Gov. Donald Carcieri. He is currently the owner and president of the Perspective Communications Group and lives in Portsmouth with his wife Lynda. They have three children, Kerry, Kelly and Kristen and five grandchildren.

“As a veteran, small businessman and labor negotiator, I believe that my combination of background and experience make me uniquely qualifi ed to be the next governor of Rhode Island. If we are going to get Rhode Island back on track, we have to shift from the career politicians who have run the state for the past 70 years and elect leaders with real-world experience. As a principled fiscal conservative, I have pledged to end the “Car Tax” and cap property taxes at 2.5 percent statewide. I am the only candidate in the race who recognizes that Rhode Island doesn’t have a revenue problem – Rhode Island has a spending problem. Likewise, I have made a promise to veto any budget that includes a tax increase. I also understand that we must keep our promises to the hard-working men and women who make Rhode Island a better place to live. This means honoring the promises made to our vested employees and retirees while pushing for common-sense solutions for pension reform. Unlike career politicians in Providence, I will never act recklessly with our state’s pension fund. But most importantly, this election is about strong leadership for a brighter future. I would be deeply humbled to receive your support on November 2.”

Lincoln D. Chafee Lincoln D. Chafee Lincoln D. Chafee

Independent Lincoln “Linc” Chafee was born in 1953 in Providence. He earned his bachelor’s degree in classics from Brown University in 1975. Chafee served as the Mayor of Warwick from 1992 to

John F. Robitaille

1998 and was elected to the United States Senate in 2000. He currently lives in Warwick with his wife Stephanie, and their children Louisa, Caleb and Thea.

“Rhode Island needs independent new leadership. We need the vision to create new jobs, attract new businesses, and to help existing businesses prosper. We need the strength to fix the budget mess, improve our schools, and to protect our beautiful coastline and environment. Specifi- cally, I have a comprehensive 100- day jobs plan to help jump-start our economy — read it at www.chafeeforgovernor. com. My experiences as mayor of Warwick and as your United States Senator have prepared me to tackle the problems facing Jamestown and Rhode Island. My proven commitment to ethical, non-partisan and honest government has allowed me to bring people together to find common ground, and to do what is best for Rhode Island. I will continue to stand up for what I believe is right — just as I opposed the Iraq War and voted against the reckless tax cuts that have harmed our economy. Today, I stand with Save the Bay in opposition to the LNG facility, which could damage Narragansett Bay. I believe in Rhode Island. We have a beautiful state, and wonderful people. I know we can do better – for our children and grandchildren. With honest, ethical and courageous leadership, our best days are ahead.”

Joseph M. Lusi

Independent Joseph Lusi, was born in 1965 in Providence, R.I. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Tulane University. He is the current CEO of The Futuristic District and Futuristic District West. Lusi lives in Providence with his significant other Rebecca Foster, their dog Suki, and their three tortoises.

“The history of our state is magnifi ed by the history of Jamestown. It is the sense of history I am appealing to for all Jamestown residents. Two British war ships from the revolutionary war are sunk just off the west coast of the island. Who hasn’t jumped off the cliffs at Fort Adams? Maybe everyone shouldn’t vote for me but a Lusi administration would honor and endure our R.I. history as a courageous and self determined lot. Our state and country face daunting challenges and it is imperative to have a leader who will best set a course for our state. We are a free nation. We must act on that freedom before the privilege is gone. Stop federal stimulus money and balance the state budget while cities emerge from bankruptcy. Don’t sell this state to the highest bidder. Vote Lusi.”

Ronald Algieri

Independent Ronald Algieri, 42, earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration/management from the University of Rhode Island. He is currently a pharmacy technician at Westerly Hospital and certifi ed nurse’s aid. Algieri is married with three children.

“Some people have asked me why I want to run for office. The truth is I have wanted to run for office since I was watching the Clinton, Bush, Perot debate in 1992. I still remember being energized at the beginning of this event. But in the debate I felt the tough issues weren’t tackled or with enough detail. It is the problem with politics on the whole. Politicians, when running for office, are afraid of details. Look we all want better jobs, lower taxes, pristine roads, and well-educated kids. The problem is without infinite resources government can’t fix infinite problems or perceived problems. Our political leaders need the conviction to tell us how they will increase the revenues and/or decrease the spending in the state. Living with a small pool of resources, like most of us, me and my wife have had to make many difficult decisions as to allocation of my wages so that our future will be better than today—even if it means sacrificing a want of today for a need of tomorrow. This is one of the reasons I believe I can be your choice for governor. I am a frugal person. I spend within my means and pay those who I owe on time or early.”

Todd Giroux Todd Giroux Todd Giroux

Independent Todd Giroux, a lifelong Rhode Islander, graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1992 with a degree in psychology. He currently lives in Bristol and works as a contractor.

“My vision for Rhode Island includes a foundation of equality for all people and all of my programs will reflect that. I believe in homestead protections for the financially exhausted. I have jobs creation policy waiting for action now, well before the spring maintenance, tourist season and the November election. I am ALL Rhode Islands’ leader in these protections and will be your advocate and pledge my support to citizen and marriage equality as your Independent Candidate for governor.”

Lieutenant Governor

Elizabeth H. Roberts Elizabeth H. Roberts Elizabeth H. Roberts

Democrat Elizabeth Roberts was born in 1957 in Washington, D.C. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Brown University in 1978 and her master of business degree in health care management from Boston University in 1984. She is currently the Lieutenant Governor of R.I. and lives in Cranston with her husband Thomas. They have two children, Kathleen and Nora.

“Over the last 4 years, I’ve worked hard on behalf of Rhode Island families and businesses. When health insurance companies wanted to raise rates by double digits, I stood up, and said no, saving businesses and families $150 million. When Jamiel’s Shoe World in Warren was on the brink of closing after losing their line of credit, they called me and asked for help. I connected them with a new community bank, restoring their line of credit and they stayed open, putting shoes back on our kid’s feet. And when employees from Colibri and Ballou lost their jobs and were about to lose their health care, I moved quickly to change the law, saving these families $10,000 on their health insurance. And let’s not forget the solemn, constitutional role of the lt. governor. Whoever is elected on Nov. 2 will be next in line to the governor. And 20 times in the last 10 years, lieutenant governors across the country have had to take on that responsibility. It is vitally important to have a committed, professional public servant who is elected statewide by the voters in this role.”

Robert P. Venturini Robert P. Venturini Robert P. Venturini

Lifelong Rhode Island resident and “Hour with Bob” Independent party member Bob Venturini was born in Cumberland. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political studies: state and local government, from Roger Williams University. He is currently a realtor with Keller Williams of Cranston and has three children, Matthew, Tracy and Zachary.

“Our state is broken. This election is about giving people a clear choice as to whether they really want to fix things and turn things, or keep going in the wrong direction. I am running for lieutenant governor because I believe that with the right person and independence, the office can be a powerful tool to take back our state from the special interests and move it forward. I am the only candidate in this race with a detailed plan to use the office to enact the real, substantive, government reform needed to deal with the many problems we face. As a 10 year legislator and after spending $4 million as lieutenant governor, Elizabeth Roberts has stood on the side of special and political interests and helped cause this mess by doing little to prevent or solve the problems destroying our state. As for Bob Healy, the last thing we need is someone offering only a gimmick. The office may be a waste now, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want real change, why vote for people who offer none? I have spent my life promoting positive things about Rhode Island, and will continue that as lieutenant governor.”

Robert J. Healey, Jr. Robert J. Healey, Jr. Robert J. Healey, Jr.

Cool Moose Party member, Robert Healey, Jr. was born in 1957 in Providence. His extensive educational experience includes a bachelor’s degree from Rhode Island College in 1979, a masters of education from Boston University in 1980, a law degree from the New England School of Law in 1983, a master’s degree from Northeastern University in 1986, doctoral coursework at Columbia University and studying Japanese business law in Tokyo. Healey has worked in the English Department at Northeastern University in Boston, and is currently an attorney in Warren.

“As lieutenant governor, I would not take a pay nor hire a staff, thereby returning $1 million in tax dollars to the state. The office has but one Constitutional duty (Article IX Section 9), which is to await the demise of the governor and then assume the role. There are legally questionable assignments for various committee busywork of a strictly advisory nature, and even that is minimal in scope and completely impotent in terms of power to act. Most lt. governors are lovable people, but that alone cannot excuse the squandering of $4 million dollars per election to this office. With taxpayers tightening their belts at home, to see this obvious waste of state tax dollars is nothing less than an outrage. As an attorney for 28 years, an educator who has multiple degrees, and a businessman who has owned both small and multi-million dollar businesses, I feel confident in my qualifi cations to assume the role of governor. After all, state government is more than just health care. I will be lt. governor but without cost. I will work to streamline government by elimination of waste, beginning with the very office to which I seek election.”

Secretary of State

Ralph Mollis Ralph Mollis Ralph Mollis

Democrat Ralph Mollis was born in 1961. He attended Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire where he earned his degree in political science. Formerly the Mayor of North Providence, he currently serves as the Rhode Island Secretary of State. Mollis lives in Rhode Island with his wife, Laurie and four children, Michael, Gian, Angelo and Briana.

“Over the past four years, I have listened to Rhode Islanders’ concerns. As secretary of state, I have accomplished and improved the offi ce. I have turned campaign promises into successful programs and policies that have made a real difference for our state. The secretary of state has effectively managed record-setting elections with the highest voter turnout in state history and has provided more information about state government than at any other time. In fact, nearly 9 out of 10 eligible Rhode Islanders are registered to vote. For our state’s businesses, I have introduced innovative programs that have eliminated paperwork and cut red tape, making it easier to do business in Rhode Island. I have launched initiatives to assist new business owners in receiving faster answers from government agencies. I plan to launch a new web-based, master business application system and expand this revolutionary program to cities and towns. I will also work to improve public access to legislative activity, and inform people instantaneously about their government.”

Catherine Terry Taylor Catherine Terry Taylor Catherine Terry Taylor

Republican Catherine Terry Taylor grew up in Hartford, Conn. and earned her bachelor’s degree in history from Yale University. She began working for Senator John Chafee in 1987 and moved to Providence in 2001, when she started working for Lincoln Chafee as a speechwriter and editor. She currently works for her public affairs consulting firm, TaylorWorldWorks. She has four children with her husband Robert.

“The secretary of state can have a profound effect on the two things that we in Rhode Island need the most right now: jobs, and trust in our government. I have a clear vision for the office as doing much more than overseeing the basic functions of elections, incorporations, public information, the state archives and the capitol library. I believe the secretary of state should be the voice of the voter and the advocate for small business within government. We need a secretary of state who is dedicated not only to helping new businesses get started – but to helping existing businesses cope with our abysmal regulatory climate – the worst in the country. We need a secretary of state who is focused on making voting meaningful – not simply easier – by ensuring that voters have access to a searchable online database of our state legislators’ offi cial voting records so that we have the information we need to hold our elected officials accountable. I will be that secretary of state, and do the job with creativity and courage. And together, we will ensure that our businesses thrive, our citizens are informed, and our voices are heard.

Attorney General

Christopher H. Little Christopher H. Little Christopher H. Little

Moderate party candidate Christopher Little graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and later earned a law degree from Georgetown. He is a founding partner of the law firm, Little, Medeiros, Kinder, Bulman & Whitney and is currently a resident of South Kingstown where he lives with his wife Michelle. They have two sons and two daughters.

“Of all our state officers, the attorney general is the one who needs to be the least influenced by the politically connected. Unfortunately for many years we’ve had the fox watching the henhouse. So when people in government or boardrooms do things that hurt us – the attorney general has often looked the other way. This must change. The attorney general is broadly charged with duties to you going far beyond the prosecution of street crime; I will do the entire job. Of course we will aggressively prosecute street criminals and get them off the streets. But, I will also go after white collar crime, government corruption and will fulfill the attorney general’s duty to serve as a true advocate for the people. I will stand up for you when utility companies and health care insurers want to raise your rates. As former president of Save the Bay I will continue to be an advocate for our environment. I will lead with effective business management principles to use existing resources to tackle other important work, like Medicaid fraud, saving taxpayers millions. I hope you will honor me with your vote on Nov 2.”

Peter F. Kilmartin Peter F. Kilmartin Peter F. Kilmartin

Democrat Peter Kilmartin was born in 1962 and grew up in Pawtucket.He joined the Pawtucket Police Department in 1984, received his bachelor’s degree from Roger Williams University in 1987 and a law degree from RWU in 1998. Kilmartin is currently a lawmaker in the Rhode Island House of Representatives and lives in Pawtucket with his wife Kristine Stamp Kilmartin.

“As a lifelong Rhode Islander, I have upheld, enforced and prosecuted the law for nearly three decades – as a police officer, as an attorney, as a professor teaching law, and as a lawmaker. I’ve been at the forefront of environmental protection issues, and I know our state’s greatest asset is its landscape and shorelines. I’m a leading advocate for building a green energy economy in Rhode Island to create jobs, reduce energy costs and reduce our dependence on oil. As attorney general, I will protect Rhode Island’s environment for future generations by creating an Environmental Crime Strike Force to investigate and prosecute corporations that damage our environment. In addition, I believe it’s wrong that health insurance companies and utility companies in our state are given special tax breaks from government but are then able to increase rates and make record profits during difficult economic times. As a lawmaker, I successfully fought for a law to ensure companies pay for reconstructive surgeries following mastectomies to treat breast cancer. As attorney general, I will be a watchdog over health insurance and utility companies and use the powers of the office to keep rates down. I’m the only candidate for attorney general with the proven record of experience and leadership necessary to protect Rhode Island families — working together, we’ll move our state towards a stronger and more secure future.”

Erik. B. Wallin Erik. B. Wallin Erik. B. Wallin

Republican Erik Wallin was born in 1970 and grew up in North Kingstown. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Rhode Island College and later graduated cum laude from the Roger Williams School of Law in 1997. Formerly a Special Assistant Attorney General for the Department of the Attorney General in R.I., Wallin currently owns and operates a law office in Wakefield. He lives with his wife Karissa and their two young sons.

“For too long the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office has failed to prosecute public corruption and instead has abdicated this responsibility to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Quite simply, Rhode Islanders have lost trust in this office. For over 18 months, I have spoken about the need to crack down on public corruption. During that time we have seen $75 million lost at the landfill due to waste, mismanagement and corruption – with no prosecutions, the bribery scandal in North Providence, and the mayor of Central Falls under investigation. The AG can no longer turn a blind eye to these types of actions. I am the only candidate who has prosecuted felony cases – both for the State and as a JAG when I served in the U.S. Air Force rising to the rank of captain. Having worked in the AG’s office, I know what works there and what does not. My first initiative will be to create a Public Corruption Unit and a tip-line so that Rhode Islanders will have a place to turn to report public corruption. While investigative reporters need to continue what they do, the attorney general must also be a place of confidence for voters. I will restore trust in that office.

Keven A. McKenna Keven A. McKenna Keven A. McKenna

Independent Keven McKenna was born in West- erly in 1945. He graduated from Georgetown School of Foreign Service in 1967, obtained a master’s degree in public administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in 1968, and a law degree from Georgetown University in 1972. A former Municipal Court Judge in the City of Providence and R.I. State Representative in Providence and North Providence, McKenna is now a plaintiff’s attorney and lives in Albion with his wife Sheila. He has five children and seven grandchildren.

“I have the most experience for the job. I will be the people’s Attorney’s General. The Attorney General should be representing the interests of the people not government insiders and General Assembly patronage appointments made by Chief Judges. Separation of powers’ constitutional violations must be stopped. Only judges approved by the Judicial Nominating Commission should have robes. I will seek the removal of budgetary and administrative powers belonging to the governor from the chief justice and the lower court chief judges, the replacement of magistrates with district court judges, the replacement of Traffic Tribunal with local municipal courts, and the replacement of the Workers Compensation Court with part time hearing officers in the Executive Branch. The Attorney General’s office has spent too much time trying to imprison people for trivial violations and is avoiding attacking major crimes, like the massive drug dealing in R.I. criminal prosecution needs to be better coordinated with the R.I. Department of Corrections and the R.I. State Police. The position of attorney general is a bigger job than criminal prosecution. Consumers needs more than lip service. I will defend the pocketbooks of the consumers from health insurance, car insurance, and workers compensation overcharges. The massive mortgage fraud of past years must be investigated.

Robert E. Rainville Robert E. Rainville Robert E. Rainville

Independent Robert Rainville was born in 1969 in Warwick. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Rhode Island in 1991 and a law degree from Quinnipiac in 1995. He is currently an attorney at Rainville & Associates. Rainville lives in East Greenwich with his wife Maria.

“I believe that I have the experience, dedication and ability to lead the office. In today’s political and economic climate, the next attorney general must understand the needs of consumers and know how to protect them from fraudulent practices, as well as someone who will prosecute all forms of political corruption and all crimes against our citizenry. Additionally, I will be an attorney general who leaves politics out of the office. We need to have faith that our attorney general acts to protect Rhode Islanders without any consideration for political affiliation. This is one area where I differ from all the other candidates. Politics of old is no longer working and any elected offi cial needs to understand that. I will make sure every Rhode Islander has faith in our office and feels protected by the hard working and extremely dedicated staff of prosecutors that the office currently has. I will strive to see that our office is open to the public and ensure to every citizen of our state feels welcome when in need. I am a lifelong Rhode Islander with family and friends reaching from Lincoln and Pawtucket to down to West Warwick and Westerly. I want to make Rhode Islanders proud of their elected officials once again.”

General Treasurer

Gina M. Raimondo Gina M. Raimondo Gina M. Raimondo

Born and raised in Smithfield, Democrat Gina Raimondo graduated from LaSalle Academy. Raimondo earned degrees at Harvard University and Yale Law School and also won a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University. Raimondo co-founded Point Judith Capital — the state’s only venture capital firm. She and her husband, Andy Moffit, have two children, ages 6 and 3, and live in Providence.

“I will bring a decade of professional investing experience and a wealth of financial know-how to the role of general treasurer. My vision for the Treasurer’s office includes sustainable pension reform, a focus on measurable performance in government and the founding of my Institute for Financial Empowerment, a financial literacy and education program for families and seniors that will bring the resources of the Treasurer’s office out into Rhode Island communities. My top priority as general treasurer will be creating a secure and sustainable pension system in Rhode Island. Pension reform matters to Jamestowners in two signifi cant ways — first, the burden of the unfunded pension liability will ultimately fall on taxpayers and second, without pension reform, we will absolutely see cuts in vital government services that affect education, the environment and the arts.”

Kernan F. King Kernan F. King Kernan F. King

Republican Kernan “Kerry” King was born and raised in Providence, R.I.. A graduate of La-Salle Academy, King earned a master’s degree in taxation at Providence College and a law degree from Boston University. He’s a certified financial planner with a LLM in taxation. He worked for nearly 30 years as a senior executive for New England Life, which was later acquired by MetLife. Together with his wife Christine, King has five children and five grandchildren.

“I am independent of the special interests which control our state and a Republican because I am fiscally conservative. It has been said that ‘one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.’ Why then would we expect the same Democrats who ran our state into the ground, to now fix the mess? We cannot continue to have among the highest taxes, and expect future economic and job growth. Jamestown residents know that taxes are too high. Uncontrolled state government spending is putting enormous pressure on local governments. I will use the Treasurer’s office as a “bully pulpit” to advocate for smaller, fiscally responsible government. I need your support on Nov. 2 to do this. Please visit my website at kingfortreasurer. com for more information. Thank you.”

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