2010-10-28 / Letters to the Editor

Vote ‘yes’ on Question 4

I was very disappointed with last week’s Press when it suggested only question 5 (turbinebond) is of any benefit for Jamestown.

Question 4 was depicted as “the purchase of additional land in and around Rocky Point and other open space initiatives.” The Open Space and Recreation Bond concerns the purchase or enhancement of three potential gems for our Narragansett Bay, one upstate, adjacent to India Point Park, Providence, one mid bay at Rocky Point, and our Fort Adams at the bay’s entrance.

Fort Adams is an incredible and majestic place that suffers greatly from a lack of community awareness. I know I lived in Jamestown for 20 years before I ever thought to go there and only went then because my son got a job there. I was absolutely astonished with the place. I now work there and occasionally get to provide guided tours. It is almost comical to see people’s reactions. Fort Adams is the largest and most innovative coastal fortification in the country.

During the War of 1812 and the burning of Washington it became very clear we needed to upgrade our defenses. Fort Adams is a major part of that effort, and was designed by on of Napoleon’s best engineers. Its purpose was to protect Narragansett Bay from enemy occupation and be used as a staging area for attacks on Boston or New York. It was the third largest federal project of the 19th century. With continual evolvement it proudly served through WWII when it was the Command Center for Coastal Defense from Long Island to Martha’s Vineyard.

We now provide an entertainment and educational resource hosting numerous events such as the Folk and Jazz festivals, Civil War re-enactment weekends, as well as re-enactments of the Revolutionary War and WWII. We have car shows, art festivals, Scout jamborees as well as rental options for corporate and private events. Check out our current “Fortress of Nightmares” event this weekend, by visiting www. fortressofnightmares.com/2010.

The bond will provide better public access to this treasure, see www.openthefort.com. In this economy, I, like most people in Rhode Island, am not going to Paris; I’m not going to Tahiti or even the Bahamas. One of the few assets this state has is its beauty. A Yes to Question 4 enhances our quality of life here at home, and is a prudent investment in jobs with RI’s second largest industry, tourism.
Jack McCormack

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