2010-11-04 / Letters to the Editor

Gate the fort

I am relieved to hear of the fundamentally unanimous agreement on keeping the land at Fort Wetherill in tact for the residents of Jamestown. It is an irreplaceable spot with sweeping views and an incalculable value to the community.

Councilor Ellen Winsor suggests that the income from the land does not commensurate with its value. Short of installing a casino, that will likely remain the case, but she may be on to something. Presently the park is open to all comers free of charge. While technically closed after dark, it is not gated and is often abused.

A summary of the police news from this paper will verify arrests and citations. On weekends, divers, fishermen and others use and abuse the park freely. The proof is in the broken glass, trash, feces and toilet paper all over the rocks.

Here are two suggestions:

1. Start by gating the park after dark. This cost will be offset by a reduced need for police patrols.

2. Charge an entry fee during the summer months. A fee structure similar to Fort Getty would be appropriate.

As far as aquaculture and the existing marina? Why not? These things can be further defined.
William Tuthill

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