2010-11-04 / Letters to the Editor

Seasonal campers have their say

I would like to respond to the Letter from Cynthia Levesque about the “Intruders at Fort Getty.” I think it is interesting that she decided to wait until the seasonal campers left before expressing her opinions of the campers. Fortunately I live in R.I. and read the Jamestown Press so I am able to respond to some of her concerns. My husband and I have been going to Fort Getty for eight years. We became “seasonal” six years ago and recently moved up to a waterfront spot. I am a R.I. resident and work in a neighboring community.

I’m not sure why the “campers” are the issue here. My husband and I see many people every day driving by, walking or biking and always say hello or wave as they go by. It’s the seasonal people that make Fort Getty the safe and beautiful area that it is. What I can’t understand is why a town that relies on tourism as a source of revenue would want to focus on the people that bring that revenue to them. Jamestown has put Fort Getty out there as a campground for people to camp in. We pay our seasonal fees and we utilize the campground as intended by the town. We spend money in town at many of the businesses and adhere to the rules as set forth by the town. My daughter was even married here this year and we spent well over $15,000 with the local businesses here. We, the campers, have done nothing wrong. If Jamestown doesn’t want campers, then close the campground. It’s as simple as that.

Putting the blame on us or calling us names is ridiculous. You have a campground, you offer a service, we pay for the service, period. If you don’t want us there, close the campground. We are doing nothing wrong and I for one resent being called an intruder for paying for a service that is offered by a town. Stop blaming us for your inability to deal with the Cynthias. We pay for a service that you offer and we do nothing wrong. We bring a lot of money to the island and many of us work here as well. I welcome Cynthia or anyone to stop by our site at anytime during the season. We would love to chat with you and are actually nice, friendly, professional people.
Barbara Seagrave
Seasonal Camper, Fort Getty

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