2010-11-04 / News

How Jamestown voted

While many of Jamestown’s results mirrored the tallies of the state, there were a few exceptions that stood out in the final poll. The biggest discrepancy was the race for secretary of state. On the island, the majority went with Catherine Terry (R) with 1,555 votes (54.9%), but A. Ralph Morris (D) ended up winning the nomination with 165,880 votes (50.6%) statewide. The lieutenant governor race was much closer on the island compared to the rest of Rhode Island – Elizabeth Roberts (D) defeated Robert Healey (CM) soundly by nearly 15 percentage points, but in Jamestown, she just barely edged him, 48% to 46%.

In the race for attorney general, Peter Kilmartin (D) defeated Erik Wallin (R) 43% to 29%, but it was a closer race in Jamestown (36% to 34%) thanks to more support for moderate candidate Christopher Little, who finished third in both instances, but was four percentage points higher on the island.

David Cicilline notched nearly 51% of the votes in both the Jamestown and state race to become the next U.S. Representative for Rhode Island’s 1st congressional district. And in the race for governor, John Robitaille (R) earned about 33% of the votes in both cases, but Lincoln Chafee (I) was nearly 10 percentage points higher, and Frank Caprio (D) nearly 10 points lower, on the island.

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