2010-11-11 / Editorial

Volunteers are vital to a healthy community

If you look on Page 12 of this newspaper you will find a Town of Jamestown advertisement seeking volunteers for a number of committees and boards.

The town currently has openings for 12 volunteers on 13 different committees. All of these groups are an important asset to our community. They include the Conservation Commission, the Fire Department Compensation Committee, Jamestown Emergency Medical Services, the Jamestown Housing Authority and the Juvenile Hearing Board.

There are also openings on the Library Board of Trustees, the Planning Commission, the Quonset Development Corp. Board of Directors, the Town Buildings & Facilities Committee, the Tree Preservation and Protection Committee and the Zoning Board.

These committees perform various duties that are vital to the operation of the town. Did you know that all of our town committees are comprised of volunteers? In fact, much of our town government, including the Town Council and the School Committee, relies on volunteers – our island neighbors and friends.

Some committees require a larger time commitment than others. Those people who are qualifi ed to vote in Jamestown are qualified to serve on town committees.

I urge everyone to consider becoming a volunteer. It is a great way to see first hand how our town government operates. You will also be providing a necessary community service.

Become a volunteer. The process is fairly simple. One must write a letter of interest and submit an application. Candidates are then interviewed and selected by the Town Council.

Dedicated and interested volunteers make for good government and, in turn, make for a healthy, thriving community.

Do your share for Jamestown.

— Jeff McDonough

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