2010-11-11 / Letters to the Editor

Chairperson thanks supporters

I would like to thank so much the members, supporters, volunteers and friends who have been loyal to the Jamestown Republican Town Committee and our candidates during the recent election.

I would especially like to thank Anthony Mastrostefano for taking time out of a very busy life to run for state representative. Anthony is a sincere, warm and respectable family man and businessperson who decided to stand up to try to help our state.

While the candidates we supported did not win, we have been successful in unifying and connecting so many special people on this island. Many of us did not know each other, and now some life-long friendships and a mutual dedication to an important cause have resulted. I am very, very proud of our work.

For the record, I was formerly one who did not pay close enough attention to politics. Getting involved has opened my eyes wide. Our Committee is organized and already planning for the next election. The only thing I ask from our community is that more people get involved and make a difference – it’s worth the effort. We’d love to have you join us. E-mail me at rjgalg@ cox.net to get involved.
Amy Gallagher
Jamestown Republican
Town Committee

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