2010-11-11 / Letters to the Editor

Lowering speed limit ‘unnecessary’

Lowering the speed limit on North Road along Great Creek from 40 mph to 25 mph is unnecessary. Instead, perhaps we can all abide by the rules of the road, slowing and allowing bicyclists some latitude when they are encountered. And bicyclists might attend to the fact that this is a major north-south artery for resident islanders, and they could ride in a single file and attend to traffic rules.

Those who fear for their safety might be better advised to ride on East Shore Road, which is a wider and more accommodating thoroughfare. The expectation that 5,000-plus islanders adjust the speed limit for a few bikers who are more than occasionally oblivious to the presence of automobile traffic is unwarranted. I might even suggest ludicrous.

A much more critical speed limit, already established at 25 mph, is farther north beyond the cross island highway on “North Main Road Speedway,” where, all too frequently, traffic moves along at a steady 45 mph to 60 mph in a residential area. What makes anyone think that changing the speed limit at Great Creek would be any more effective at encouraging courtesy or attention to newly posted limits.
Carol B. Crafts

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