2010-11-11 / News of Record


Bench warrant – failure to


Paul A. Novicki, 63, of 50 Doolittle Lane, Hamden, Conn., was charged Nov. 7 for a bench warrant violation after police stopped him for not stopping at a stop sign. When police ran his license and registration they were informed of the bench warrant for driving with a suspended license from Newport District Court, police said.

Novicki was held at the police station and was released after posting $1,116.50 cash bail with a Justice of the Peace. Further court dates have not been established, according to police.

DUI/drugs/alcohol/first offense

– B.A.C. unknown Valerie McLaughlin, 52, of 429 Sampan Ave., was charged Nov. 7 with first offense DUI after police stopped her on Conanicus Avenue for a traffic infraction, police said.

McLaughlin was not held at the police station. An arraignment was scheduled for Nov. 12 at Newport District Court, according to police.


• On Nov. 3, a Jamestown resident was the victim of debit card fraud. The police and the bank were called about the incident. Further details are not available as the case is under investigation.

• On Nov. 4, another Jamestown resident in an unrelated incident was victimized by debit card fraud. This case is also under investigation and further details are not available.

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