2010-11-18 / Letters to the Editor

Shouldn’t give up on wind turbine

I read with much dismay the viewpoint article by the Town Council urging voters to reject the referendum for bonding the wind turbine. They basically said that they have lost confidence in the study that they and the state paid $55,000 to have done. This is because the consultants did not perform in two of the four criteria set for the study.

They did manage to figure out where the wind blows on the island, which must have taken a lot of work. I would like to ask the Town Council, is there no legal recourse to get some of this money back? I know in my business if I try to sell something that does not work, I simply do not get paid.

Twice a year I drive the I-80 across this country and am always amazed and inspired when driving through the wind farms of Wyoming and Iowa.

If you have not seen these you can get an idea of what the rest of the country is doing by looking at windpoweringamerica.gov. A couple of wind generators on this island is not going to change its character. However, what it will do is say that Jamestown is trying to do its part. Most of Rhode Island’s power comes from natural gas fired plants. The last time that I checked, there are not a lot of gas fields around here. The hydrofracturing they are proposing to get natural gas for some parts of the east does not come without its own problems (see the documentary, “Gasland”). The LNG terminal certainly does not seem to get a lot of support around here, so it’s time to do what we can.
Russell Paskoski

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