2010-11-25 / Letters to the Editor

Beware of fake charities

Recently, I received a handwritten “charitable contribution” solicitation from a Jamestown neighbor for a foundation raising money for autism research. Many of my friends and acquaintances are aware that I have a son who is severely autistic, and I looked further into the organization that was looking for donations. The result was so disheartening. I was sincerely disgusted that folks were using my son’s autism and our family’s personal struggle to make money. Gross. Further, I was surprised that the solicitor who wrote me did not perform due diligence to confirm the nature and actual charitable giving of the organization.

There are so many great charities to consider. But prior to endorsing the check, confirm the validity of the organization and resulting dollar amount that ends up implementing the charities promises and goals. A very informative web site to learn more is www.charitynavigator.org.
Amy Barclay

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