2010-12-02 / Letters to the Editor

Prout students perform ‘great’

I had the pleasure of being in the audience for “The Boys Next Door” at the Prout School on Nov. 19. The play is about four men with developmental disabilities who live together, their staff and their friends. One of the actors, Hannah Cordes, lives in Jamestown.

I was very impressed by the research that the students did to learn about adults with developmental disabilities and their lives and the lives of their staff. They spent time with some of the people supported by Bridges Inc. and their staff. They asked a lot of good questions and the result was that the actors did a great job.

This play speaks to a very difficult subject and portrays people who are often misunderstood. The students and their director used this opportunity to learn about the work we do and the people who live in group community residences. I want to thank them for presenting realistic and sensitive portrayals of all of the characters.
Lisa Rafferty
Executive Director,
Bridges Inc.

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