2010-12-09 / Letters to the Editor

Another successful golf season

On behalf of the members and officers of the Jamestown Golf Club – Mike Montoya, Kevin Carty and Al Auger – I would like to thank Joe, Harriett and Jon Mistowski, ace groundskeeper John Anderson, and all their staff for another exemplary year of tending to the Jamestown Golf Course and its operations.

Club members continue to marvel at the transformation the course has made under the management and hard work of the Mistowskis and their crew, as do players throughout the state who visit and play here.

You cannot play a round without someone looking at the greenery, layout and view and saying something along the lines of “This course is beautiful,” and recalling the past when its condition was, to be kind, utilitarian.

We know all the members brag about their home course when they play elsewhere, and Jamestown has become well known statewide as a fantastic place to play. Complemented by great food, and the nicest, friendliest and most enduring bar and grill staff anywhere, this is a real jewel in Jamestown’s crown. Thanks to everyone at the Jamestown Golf Course and all the members of the Jamestown Golf Club for another fantastic season.
Chip Young
Jamestown Golf Club

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