2010-12-09 / Letters to the Editor

Wind turbine a waste of money

To 69 percent of the registered votes in Jamestown, you either voted “no” in the wind turbine $6.5-million bond referendum or chose not to vote, yet Jeff Mc- Donough, the publisher of the Jamestown Press, proclaimed “Jamestowners are ready to take the plunge” and construct “their own wind turbine.” If the rosy predictions and hopes do not materialize, we all might want to take a plunge off the bridge.

The facts do not support the editorial, which states that “every step of the way Jamestowners have given the green light to the wind energy project.” Only 1,490 of you voted for the turbine (50.4 percent); the vote would have gone the other way if only eight voters had voted “no.”

Read the Town Council’s admonition to voters prior to November’s vote: “We cannot ask voters to support passage of a $6.5-million bond authorization for a now undefined wind turbine project with unknown fi- nancial implications for the community.”

Now, McDonough wants us to double our investment in consultants and studies of the wind turbine to a total of what will surely be $100,000.

What do we get? The right to say, “Please, Federal Aviation Administration, change your mind and let us build – not the 400-foot turbine – but a smaller, less efficient 350-foot high turbine.” And, another study, which will try to correct last year’s flawed consultants, will try to estimate the additional costs required for infrastructure and connectivity to National Grid.

There is the possibility that the FAA will say no, then our $100,000 is blown away; then, as the Press suggests, we can look for something else that “holds an educational aspect and shows our youngsters that we are (utilizing) leadingedge technology for the health of our economy and the health of our planet.” Maybe Al Gore will have an idea.

Even though $25,000 of it is other taxpayers’ money, $100,000 is a significant amount. As an illustration, 30 of the 34 homes on Green Lane will pay approximately $100,000 this year in real estate taxes.

Another option is to leave complicated businesses to experts and concentrate on running our town more effi ciently.
Nicholas Schaus

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