2010-12-16 / Front Page

Rates increased for mooring, outhauls and beach permits for 2011

By Sam Bari

The Jamestown Harbor Management Commission voted to approve an “across-the-board” rate increase of approximately 24 percent for mooring holders, outhauls and beach permits.

The unanimous vote for approval at the Dec. 8 meeting included increases for residential, commercial, non-resident and club moorings, West Ferry and Fort Getty outhauls, and beachpermit holders.

Chairman Mike de Angeli explained at the November meeting that the final 2011 mooring fees were not established and the budget would be reformatted to refl ect the changes in the ordinance and the budget structure.

Consequently, Budget Committee Chairman Chris Brown proposed three different budget schedules: increases of 40 percent, 25 percent or 20 percent. The commissioners agreed that the 25-percent increase would be best suited to meet the budget demands.

The initial motion was for a 25-percent increase for mooring holders only. During the ensuing discussion, Commissioner Larry Eichler said that increasing only the mooring rates was not fair. The commissioners debated the issue and agreed that the beach permits and outhauls should be increased as well.

de Angeli amended the motion to include the outhauls and beach permits. Brown said the 25- percent increase would slightly decrease to approximately 24 percent with the outhauls and beach-permit holders sharing the burden.

A rate increase had been expected for several months. At the September Harbor Commission meeting, Commissioner Andrew Kallfelz best explained the necessity for generating revenue to meet the operational demands of the harbor.

He said that the commercial operator’s leaseholder agreements were in place for 10 years and the monies received from the agreements did not come close to providing adequate funding for harbor operations and maintenance.

He also pointed out that the Jamestown mooring rates were well below the fees charged by surrounding communities. He said that generating revenue to fund harbor interests was crucial, and that a mooring rate increase was certainly justified.

In other business at the Dec. 8 meeting, the commission voted unanimously to deny an appeal by Frederick Reis concerning $400 in penalties because of an overdue mooring inspection.

Reis said that his inspection was late because the Jamestown Boat Yard did not understand the new online system, which caused a miscommunication. The boat- yard sent a letter to Reis stating that they were not aware that he was due for an inspection this year.

de Angeli explained to Reis that the problem was between him and the boatyard, not between the boatyard and the harbor office. It is not the responsibility of the harbor office to contact the boatyard for the required paperwork, he said. The board said that the mooring holder is responsible for informing the boatyard that an inspection is required and the paperwork is due at the harbor office by a specified date.

Jamestown Deputy Public Works Director Michael Gray sent a letter to the commission that the town received 11 bids for the Fort Getty boat ramp project. The bids ranged between $104,747 to $179,004.

After reviewing the bids, Gray recommended that the project be awarded to K.M. Gladding Excavating, a Jamestown company, for an amount not to exceed $104,747. The bid amount was less than the engineer’s estimate of $110,000.

The Town Council approved a motion at its Sept. 7 meeting to provide 50 percent of the funding for the construction of the boat ramp using Fort Getty funds.

Gray recommended that the Harbor Commission prepare a motion to the Town Council for the bid to be awarded to K.M. Gladding for the stated amount. He asked that the motion include the total funding that the commission will be providing, which is $52,374, and request that the balance for an equal amount come from the Council. This would avoid any confusion with funding between the Harbor Commission and the Town Council.

Town Council liaison Bob Bowen announced that the Council had re-appointed Harbor Commissioners Chris Brown and David Cain to three-year terms.

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