2010-12-23 / News

Engineering student brings gift of fresh water

A group of Northeastern University students, including Jamestown resident John Chase, will team up with National Grid and visit Honduras to work with local villagers. The group, Engineers Without Borders, left in the middle of December to spend two weeks in the northern mountainous region of the country designing systems which will deliver fresh water to impoverished villages.

Chase will help monitor and evaluate villages where water projects have been completed over the last six months, and will also meet with villagers to address any issues that they have had with the systems. He will also assist in the assessment phase, where four of the region’s most impoverished villages will be evaluated in order to determine which of these is feasible and most deserving of their efforts to complete their fourth project. The group will then spend three days determining which villages they will work in next, and will engage in detailed site surveying, GPS mapping and health evaluation of the village in order to gather the necessary data to design a system.

Although the group won’t have any communication with the outside world during their trip, they will log their exploits in a journal and will take photos. The group returns on Dec. 29

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