2010-12-23 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro
More unedited letters from island children to the North Pole:


Dear Santa claus, I have some questions for you: why do you wear a red suit? Why do yo laugh ho ho ho? Why do you bring presents? why do people call you old Kris Kringles? Here is my christmas list: A lot of Chapter book series, A real magic wand, some new jeans, peirced ears, some american girl stuff, an American Girl doll, A real live diary, my own paper, Lissie mcguire doll, Rogers and hammersteins Cinderella movie, and book,D s game, DSI games, a coloring book, New Wii games, and a bermuda tringle and hurricane book.


(Julia Totten, 8, drew a sketch of Santa saying “ho!ho!ho!” and placing bags of gifts under her Christmas tree.)


Dear Santa,

I have a lot of items that I want on my list so i’m going to make it easy on you. So here are the 7 things that I really want and also that you can manage. 1. Justin Beiber album 2. Peace sign snuggy 3. Style Lab DS game 4. Petz 2 DS game 5. American Girl doll=Julie. 6. I really really want a Ipad i’ve always wanted one. Finally the thing I want the most out of all of them is for you to bring 1 big meal for at least 5 families that are homeless and a big warm blanket too.

Thank you, Anza Digasper (Anza is 9)


Our thanks to postmaster Charlie Burns for rushing these letters to Santa at the North Pole. Charlie said there have been fewer letters this year than in the past, but there are still a couple more days left to mail your list to the jolly gentleman in the red suit.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


This from Marion Pierce and Pede Manchester:

“We had the pleasure to see Jamestown’s Danielle Genest dance the parts of Fran Oelrich and the Sugar Plum Fairy lead in the ballet at Rosecliff on Bellevue Avenue. She is a beautiful and accomplished dancer and her dance was spell binding. Anyone who has an opportunity to attend the Island Moving Company’s productions should; always a real treat throughout the year. The Christmas production of the Nutcracker was the crown jewel for 2010. Congratulations to Danielle.”


While we are enjoying the Christmas season, other household members may see it as an opportunity for mischief. Dr. Joshua Hatch at the Jamestown Animal Clinic offers these tips to keep your quadrupeds out of harm’s way.

“The majority of the problems animal clinics see around the holidays involve our pets getting into things they shouldn’t. Cats eating tinsel from the tree or chewing on wires, and dogs eating the holiday ham or getting into the trash the day after a party, are problems preventable with a few simple steps. First, avoid the temptation; keep orna- ments, candles, and lights where pets can’t reach them, or just skip the tinsel and yarn entirely so there is no chance your pet will chew or swallow them. Second, keep food and garbage well out of a pet’s way and promptly take out any trash, put away any leftovers, and don’t trust Fido not to jump up on the table or the counter when your back is turned. Finally, despite this being a season of giving, make sure your houseguests know not to feed any table scraps or people food to your animals, no matter how sad the puppy dog eyes.”


*** Poser: First comes the stocking For Little Nell Oh, dear Santa, fill it well


Martha Morgan, Barbara-Ann MacIntosh and Tom Bembenek correctly say that last week’s poser is the wonderful Christmas song, “Scarlet Ribbons.” Barbara-Ann provided some lyrics:

“I peeked in to say good night and I heard my child in prayer,

And for me some scarlet ribbons, scarlet ribbons for my hair,

All the stores were closed and shuttered, all the streets were dark and bare,

In our town no scarlet ribbons, not one ribbon for her hair…”

Tom Bembenek details the history of the song:

“‘Scarlet Ribbons,’ a beautiful song written by Evelyn Danzig (music) and Jack Segal (lyrics), was published in 1949 and tells a miraculous tale of a father who peeks into his little girl’s room to say good night before she goes to bed. He overhears his daughter praying for God to send her some ‘scarlet ribbons’ for her hair. Of course it’s very late and no stores are open anywhere in the town. There isn’t anywhere the father can obtain the ribbons for his daughter before she wakes up. Throughout the night he is troubled and weary for lack of obtaining the ribbons. Just before dawn he peeks into his daughter’s room again only to be amazed that strewn about her bed are many beautiful scarlet ribbons. He says that if he lives to be a 100, he will never know from where the ribbons came.

“’Scarlet Ribbons’ became a Christmas standard recorded by numerous artists over the years including Joan Baez, the Kingston Trio, Perry Como, Willie Nelson, Trini Lopez, Sinead O’Connor and Roy Orbison, just to name a few. The song has appeared on many Christmas albums. It’s a song that I believe leaves any father of a little girl a bit choked up.

“My favorite rendition is by The Browns (Jim Ed, Bonnie and Maxine). I first heard them sing it in December 1959, while I was home on my first Christmas leave. It reached No. 13 at that time, making it the most successful single version.”


Maggie Bulmer, who identified herself as a Middletown fan, also had the poser and added, “What an enjoyable concert last Sunday afternoon! The Jamestown Chorus’ ‘What the Dickens!’ was a delight. I am looking forward to their Pirates of Penzance in the spring.”

*** Merry Christmas!


Call in your stuff to 829-2760 or 423-0383 or e-mail us at jtnwalrus@ hotmail.com. Thank you.

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