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This week in Island history

Week of December 30
Compiled by Sue Maden

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago

From the Newport Journal, December 31, 1910

The Christmas tree and entertainment for the Sunday School of the Chapel of the Transfiguration was held Tuesday evening. The chapel was appropriately decorated .

Lighter Archer of Fall River was in Tuesday, with a load of lumber for Mr. P. H. Horgan for the improvements on the Hotel Thorndike.

75 years ago

From the Newport Daily News, December 28, 1935

The fire department responded to two still alarms Friday afternoon, the first to a brush fire at the Watson farm on North Main road, and the second at the home of Mrs. Bruce Page on Howland avenue. The latter fire was cause by the tipping over of a parlor stove. The damage was slight.

(At the School Committee meeting), Mr. Clarke reported that the play ground had been flooded (for skating) in a satisfactory manner and was open to the public as long as it was not misused.

50 years ago

From the Newport Daily News, December 28, 1960

Only 91 species of birds were seen in Newport County during the annual Christmastime census on Monday, as against 111 species last year. … The bird watchers saw 571 Canada geese, not an unusual number, and one rare snow goose, two snowy owls, … and one Iceland gull.

The installation of 70 utility poles in the Sunset Plat area on the west side of Jamestown was reported to the Town Council last night by Francis J. Costa, Council president. . The installation remedies a 20-year deficiency. Costa said most of the homes are occupied only in the summer, but there are homeowners who have had to depend for years on kerosene lamps.

25 years ago

From the Newport Daily News, December 27, 1987

(Year in review) As 1984 wound down Jamestown offi- cials were becoming increasingly alarmed about the impact of development on water supplies. A year later the concern has not only supplied the Council with an effective method of controlling development, but has provided a new revenue raising tool. Twice during the past 12 months, the town has secured substantial “contributions” to town services in exchange for approving development projects. In the past, councilmen have limited growth by denying water line extensions.

From the Newport Daily News, December 31, 1985

The R.I. Bridge and Turnpike Authority is scheduled to decide Monday whether to install token baskets in the cash lanes of the Newport Bridge.

Although the new Jamestown Bridge will have walkways, the preferred cross-island road will not provide access to those walkways.

15 years ago

There was no Jamestown Press published this week.

10 years ago

From the Jamestown Press, December 28, 2000

(Headline) Gifts to land trust top $2,000,000 for year. (Since 1984 the trust has acquired direct responsibility for the protection of 343 acres and has participated in the protection of about 300 additional acres.)

A cascade of fireworks, fanfare and hope for a brighter future ushered in this, the start of the third millennium, and islanders turned out by the thousands to ring in the new century and to wish each other the best.

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