2010-12-30 / News

Carcieri, Chafee sign resolution opposing LNG project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has received and acknowledged a package of strongly worded comprehensive resolutions opposing the Hess Weaver’s Cove Energy LNG importing project proposed to be built in Mount Hope Bay with tanker traffic through Narragansett Bay.

Governor Don Carcieri, Governor elect Lincoln Chafee, 15 municipalities, a native tribal chief, and several community groups contributed signed resolutions to the package which was assembled and submitted by the Rhode Island based citizen’s action group known as the LNG Working Group.

Jointly, these resolutions declare in no uncertain terms that the signatories believe that the proposed Hess project creates negative economic, environmental, and safety impacts on the waters of Narragansett and Mount Hope Bays and on land in Fall River.

“We believe that these resolutions should be very influential with FERC decision makers, said Chris Gray, chairman of the LNG Working Group. “During their deliberations, there will be no question in their minds of what the opinions are of the local communities, because these resolutions make it very clear that they have a large number of valid reasons to be opposed.”

The communities that have stated their opposition to the Hess project as part of this initiative are Fall River, Swansea, Bristol, Barrington, Cranston, East Greenwich, Newport, Block Island, North Kingstown, Portsmouth Tiverton, Warren, Warwick, Jamestown and Middletown.

All of the 2010 Rhode Island gubernatorial candidates, the Pokanoket Tribe of the Wampanoag Nation, which owns waterfront property in Bristol and Fall River, the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition, which is the largest taxpayers’ organization in Rhode Island, and the Taxpayers’ Association of Jamestown, are in opposition.

“We welcome adding additional communities and organizations to this group, but we think that the broad constituency that has already confirmed their disapproval of the Hess proposal should send a strong signal to our elected representatives at the state and federal levels as well as to FERC,” Gray said.

The LNG Working Group is an independent group of citizens that came together in the fall of 2009 at the bequest of committee member and Jamestown Town Councilor Ellen Winsor. In December 2009 the group began promoting the anti-LNG resolution used as the model for most of the community resolutions.

For more information, visit www.lngwg.cog.

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