2011-01-06 / Letters to the Editor

A season of giving on the island

The residents of Jamestown have once again stepped up to help families who were in need of assistance at both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I was overwhelmed with people’s generosity in such difficult times and would like to thank everyone who was able to help with food, clothing, gift cards, toy donations and the many other gifts that were provided to me to distribute. I would also like to thank Sue Brayman, Kathy Brownell, the Salvation Army, Mc- Quade’s Marketplace, Shaw’s Market, the Boy Scouts of Jamestown and the children and faculty of the Jamestown schools.

I would especially like to thank Trattoria Simpatico for collecting donations from their patrons and staff, and Cliff Dimon for coordinating it; the R.I. Turnpike and Bridge Authority for the gift cards and donations from their employees; the Jamestown Women’s Club for their donation of gifts and toys; the Jamestown branch of Bank of America for accepting toys, clothing and gift cards; and Bill and May Munger for their cash donation. Many wonderful gifts were given to quite a few families who, without the generosity of these individuals and groups, would have done without this year.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.

Maggie Grenier
Salvation Army

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