2011-01-06 / Letters to the Editor

Volunteers reason for pageant success

The Jamestown Christmas Pageant once again beautifully presented the Christmas story in a very meaningful way to the community who gathered on Christmas Eve on Shoreby Hill. Thanks to everyone who came out for this heartwarming tradition.

The list of islanders who made this event a reality seems almost endless. The willingness of Jamestowners to give their time and talents not only on Christmas, but also throughout the year, makes this town the exceptional place that it is.

First, I would like to thank the Jamestown Lions Club for sponsoring the pageant each year. Next, I would like to thank everyone who acted in the live nativity. You were all fantastic. The cows, sheep, goat and donkey were wonderful additions to the nativity scene, as well. Everyone shared a good laugh when the donkey joined Jim McLoughlin as he blessed the tree. Thank you to the Hutchinson and O’Farrell families for making it possible for the animals to be part of the pageant.

Many thanks to Matt Bolles, Prim Bullock and members of the Jamestown Community Chorus for providing us with beautiful music and carols.

Sincere appreciation also goes to Ray Dunlevy, Jim McLoughlin and Jean Silvia for sharing the readings and blessings with us.

I cannot forget to thank all the people who helped out tirelessly behind the scenes. Special thanks to Jeanne Urquhart, Kirie Reveron and Julie Ruggieri for washing, ironing and hemming the costumes. I also appreciated all the wonderful embellishments they added to the angel wings and the glittering new halos they crafted. The costumes really brought the presentation to life and added to the evening’s magic.

Thanks so much to Bill Munger and his staff at Conanicut Marine Services for their generous assistance with construction of the set and then removing it all when the pageant ended. Thanks to Bob Bailey for providing us with the lighting throughout the performance. It was great to see his little ones in training, too.

Thank you Bill Piva, Jill Goldstein, Andrea Masterson and Andrew Rushton for all your help and for the use and set up of the sound system. Also, thank you to Suzanne O’Donnell, Don Richardson and Michelle Gibbs for their assistance on the committee.

Finally, I would like to thank our pageant founder, Jeanne Bunkley. Thanks to her inspiration we have all been able to reflect as a community on the true meaning of Christmas.

Mary Waddington


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