2011-01-27 / Letters to the Editor

Plunge has got out of hand

I am sending my sincere gratitude to Donna Chellis, who first came forward with her Mackerel Cove Town Beach environmental concerns and to the Jamestown Conservation Commission who has taken this very serious issue to the Town Council.

Chellis saw what we all have seen at the Penguin Plunge but we never made our comments public. The crowds have become enormous at the plunge and there is little control of the trampling on the grasses or the early morning alcohol drinking of all ages. The Jamestown Police Department do a terrific job with traffic control but there would have to be a lot of police personnel around to do all of the monitoring of the crowds.

If needed, there are volunteer groups like the Quononoquott Garden Club or the Jamestown Auxilliary Citizens Police, and the Jamestown flaggers who could get involved in issue.

Thank you again to the wise eyes who saw this mess.

Nancy Kolman



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