2011-02-03 / Editorial

NKHS students go home after bomb threat

Superintendent Phil Thornton of the North Kingstown School Department decided Monday to release students of the high school at 11:45 a.m. after a message written on a high school wall was construed as a bomb threat.

The message found in the girls’ third-floor bathroom was discovered by a student and reported to Principal Thomas Kenworthy, who then contacted the North Kingstown Police Department. North Kingstown firefighters, the Rhode Island State Police, K-9 units and North Kingstown police searched the evacuated school for bombs and other suspicious materials. Nothing of substance was found during the inspection.

“It wasn’t much of anything,” said North Kingstown Police Chief Thomas Mulligan following the search.

Although it was first reported that both the school and police departments agreed to send the students home, Mulligan said that the threat wasn’t credible, and that it wasn’t the police department’s decision to shut down the school. Preschool, afterschool kindergarten and after-school extracurricular activities were also canceled.

Thornton defended his decision by saying that the first police officer on the scene deemed it as a credible threat, and he was happy to put the safety of the students first.

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