2011-02-03 / News of Record


Leaving scene of accident, reckless driving

Brent D. Healy, 44, of 48 Rillbrook Road, Griswod, Conn., was charged Jan. 13 with allegedly leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving after a witness gave police his license number and the Connecticut State Police were informed.

Healy was contacted and turned himself in at the Jamestown Police Station where he was held. A rearraignment was scheduled for Feb. 18 at Newport District Court, according to police.

Driving with suspended license

Scott W. Wellcott, 51, of 26 Azalea Circle, Kingston, was charged with allegedly driving with a suspended license after he was stopped for a traffic violation and police ran his license. Wellcott was not held at the police station. An arraignment was scheduled for Feb. 4 at Newport District Court, according to police.

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